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Clayface Review

Batman - Extreme Power (Mattel)
About a year ago, the batman line was revamped into Batman: EXP. The first new villain for the line was Clayface, the focus of this review.

packaging- basic. it showed off the figure, instructed you on how to use the feature, showed the other figures in the line, and explained the EXP line. it met the checklist, but not very well. I saw a few at wal*mart on clearance, but the backer cards were horribly out of shape.

sculpt- easily the best part about the figure. his feet are wide, messed up stars, while the rest of his body is almost symmetrical: its similar, but not perfect. thats just fine for clayface, id be outraged if he was perfectly symmetrical (looking at you BTAS version). There is some clay baggage near his happy place, reassuring us this is a boy clayface. his left arm is hard plastic, flowing clay with a giant hand, while his right arm is nery soft rubber so it feels almost clay like and is 100% sculpted flowing clay that goes past his feet. The soft plastic arm contains the action feature, but more on that later.

paint- there is none!

paint- okay maybe that was drastic, but with the exception of his eyes, everything is gray. he had a wash at SDCC '05, but its gone here. i dont miss it because the wash would have been: inaccurate, and (for once) less eye appealing. hes a blob of clay, he doesnt need a wash. if you want one, paint it yourself.

articulation- peg neck, arms and legs. this is poor even by this line's standards. the right arm, as i said, has the action feature, but if you turn it the opposite way, it still works.

accessories- Zzzzzz...*snort*...Huh? he has nothing, unless you count the cut out of the other figures on the back. if you do, well, you need to get out more. i dont think theres much mattel coulda given him except clay parts.

action feature- like many action features, it kinda gets in the way of articulation, but i explained that already. swivel his arm a bit, and let go. the arm whips around to what evers in front of it and takes himself and his victim down. if you place him on the ground (with his face on the ground), it launches him a bit, but not much. the bad thing about the actual arm is the rubber cracks big time. ive had him for a year and he cracked so much is one of the pieces hanging from the arm itself that it came off. the main arm is still attached, but im starting to be more careful now.

overall- if you can find him on clearance, pick him up! He’s good for display, just don’t let the kiddies have him.

      by Tom-Tom   Update Review

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