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Raptor Attack Review

Raptor Attack
Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) - Playsets
Throughout the rather disappointing JP3 line, fans did get some really cool new stuff. This here, the only actual playset, is one of these things.

While all the human figures were shrunk down, this thing stayed perfect. Ill start off with the extras it comes with before I get to the actual playset.

It comes with two figures, Alan Grant and a Raptor. Grant is basically just a repaint of the basic figure. His shirt is now blue with tan pants. He also retains his movement, neck, shoulders, legs and knees.

The raptor is actually really cool. Its basic sculpt is in an attacking/lunging position. Its paintjob is perfect, a jungle green with brown stripes down its back. he also has yellow eyes and black iris's. He comes with an attack feature. Push down on the head and the head goes down and his mouth opens, much better then sound effects in my opinion. It has several points of articulation, the head, arms and legs.

Now on to the actual playset. The playset itself is pretty much just a bib fenced circle. The fences are much bigger then the JP3 figures and quite a bit bigger then the regular figures. The fences are a metallic silver all around and look pretty good. The fence also comes with a JP door that hooks onto the fence. The doors are on a hinge action so the can swing pretty much wherever. A cool feature is the board in the back. Across the back of the door is a long opening. In the package comes a board with break-apart feature, you stick the board in the spot behind the door and let the dinos break through. The gate is silver with a black dry wash, the board brown while the JP letters on the gate are red and yellow and the flames on the top of the gate are yellow/orange. The playset also comes with two weapons. The first is a cannon launcher. Its the right height for the JP3 figures and fits on the top of the gate door allowing the figures to stand up there and fire down. The firing's basic, load, pull lever, watch it fly. The gun itself is painted silver and has movement at the stand right under the gun which allows the gun to move up and down. The second weapon is a capture tower with net. This tower is actually quite large, taller then the fences. At first glance it actually looks like water tower. Its firing is again pretty basic. Push the large crank down, load the net and push the lever. The crank shoots up like a catapult and fires the net. The net itself is pretty nice, its black mesh and each corner has a plastic weight so you can aim properly. The weights are grey while the tower is a brown/red color with silver paint over the technical parts and pieces.

An awesome set with good detail. I bought mine for $20 and it was well worth it. What’s better then getting a playset, a giant tower and TWO figures?

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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