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Brachiosaurus Review

Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) - Electronic RE-AK A-TAK
The Brachiosaurus, the long necked creature that once graced the Earth and shook the ground with every step. I can say it was partly made here, only partly.

One thing I will always dislike about the JP3 line is the fact everything’s tiny. They probably did it to save on money but cmon, why to all the good figures? The Brach is no exception, he’s tiny. I mean tiny, the LW figures are more then half his height. Now this would be fine with he was created to look like a hatchling but he wasn’t. His sculpt tells us he was meant to be all grown up. Though, even through all his flaws, he does have some cool features. He comes with a ghastly dino damage wound, looks like he got clawed well. In this wound he also has a button shaped and painted like a rib bone that when pressed causes him to put out a sound that sounds like he’s in pain(well what else would it be? lol) He also has another sound feature, when his tail is moved in a certain direction he utters a great roar(weird thing for a peaceful animal..) and stomps his feet. The other nifty thing is that his neck is made out of a really flexible rubber which allows us to bend it any way we want, something that comes in handy.

Paint is pretty good. His whole body is basically white but he was then gone over with a grey over most of his back. Then over the grey they gave him dark blue stripes down his back, something that looks good.

Articulation is pretty good. His tail, legs and neck move which allows I’m to be posed in many ways.

Not a bad figure but I really hate how small he is compared to other dinos which are supposed to be smaller then him but turn out bigger...

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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