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Dilophosaurus Review

Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) - Electronic RE-AK A-TAK
One of the great figures that came out of the JP3 lines, one of very few.

The Dilo is of course, bigger then most of the human figures. The odd thing though is the fact that he’s bigger then many of his fellow dinos, even some who were really big and were just shrunk down. This isn’t a really bad thing though, he still looks cool. He is sculpted in an attacking pose, mouth open and the frill out. He comes with two sound features. The first is the dino damage, a ghastly wound which helps hide a button in the form of a rib. When pushed he sends out a pained cry. The other is a lever on his back. When pulled, he lets out a roar and his arms move up and down, pretty cool.

His color is great, he actually looks like a jungle dino. He whole body is a jungle green with the exception of his stripes down his back and on his frill. The stripes down his back are a white color while the ones on his frill are red. His frill color is good, starts off a light green like his body and gets darker towards the middle. His teeth are white and his nails and claws are black. The dino damage wound is blood red with white bones.

Articulation is decent here, not great but decent. He has movement at his arms and legs, nowhere else.

A really cool figure that adds to any JP line. Unlike other versions he actually has his frill out and looks like he’s about to attack.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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modern_messiah - Saturday, January 27, 2007

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