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Pack Raptor Review

Pack Raptor
Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) - Electronic RE-AK A-TAK
Yet another flawless dino from the JP3 line, guess there were more great figures then I thought.

The Pack Raptor is possibly the greatest JP3 dino in my opinion. Not only does it have a good sculpt, good color and cool features but it’s the right size!!! Anyway onto the review. The raptor comes in a sculpted position that makes him look like he’s stalking prey, he’s hunched down with his tail in the air. He comes with two dino sounds. The first is the dino damage, again the rib bone on the wound. When pushed he does his own dino pain shriek. The other sound comes from a button on his throat. When pushed in he does the classic raptor scream his mouth opens and his arms go up and down.

His color is awesome, even if it isn’t junglish. His whole body is a grey color. From the tip of his head down to his tail he has a yellow black stripe. Then bordering on both sides of that stripe he has blue stripes that blend. Not exactly jungle camo but its awesome and it might actually hold up well in a jungle environment.

Articulation is ok here. He’s got movement at his mouth, arms and legs. Nothing to much but enough to be posed well. Any more and I think it would have screwed with his sculpt.

Overall he is one of the better JP3 by a landslide and was well worth the money I paid for him.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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