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Pteranodon Review

Jurassic Park III (Hasbro) - Electronic RE-AK A-TAK
Here was a prime example of something that actually should have been shrunk down but wasn’t. This guy seems too big to me, and that makes him clunky. The Pter comes with the usual dino damage noise and the roaring action. Again the DD is the rib bone in the wound and when pushed he makes his hurt cry. The roar actually comes from his head. When his neck is pushed down, his mouth opens and he lets out a cry. A good feature because it allows I’m to play battle tag with some prey. Another cool thing about him is his leg sculpt His left leg is sculpted in a hooked position which allows him to carry unsuspecting figures away to be devoured.

Paints really...interesting here. His whole body is a dark tan color. Then across his back he has green and dark grey blotches. His DD wound is blood red with the bones being white. His tongue is pink and his claws are black.

His movement is pretty good for his sculpt. He has movement in his head, legs and wings, enough to pose him quite well if you can manage to get him to stand up.

A pretty good figure but I still think his sculpt is to big and in turn makes him really clunky.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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