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Triceratops Review

Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Deluxe Dinos
The legacy that started it all, the original Jurassic Park line. The figures were good, the dinos were great and it left an imprint on the future series to come. One of the best parts of the series was the Deluxe Dino portion. This was a part of the figure line that kept the dinos actual size, making them big and realistic but small enough and with enough detail to be part of the actual figure collection and not as a really separate branch.

This review is going to be on the Trike from the said line. This was money well spent in my opinion, this guy is great!!! Not only is he a nice big size, he is also very realistic but before I get to that ill touch on his actions. First off he has the Dino Damage, the trend that started it all. Unlike future attempts, this turned out great. Its a large patch of skin that fits into the body and can be put in at will. The piece fits very well and can be pulled out easily. The Trike also has an attack feature. When his stomach is squeezed he rears his head up with enough force to throw a figure back. His sculpt it pretty good for a first line. He is posed in a walking position and is facing forward. His skin is made of rubber instead of plastic so it actually feels like skin, he even has warts!!!

The paintjob is awesome to. His whole body is colored a very dull green/grey. Then down his back he has a grey stripe that extends to the end of his tail and various grey stripes going down his sides. His DD is blood red for the muscles and white for the bones. His beak and horns are a tannish/white.

This figure doesn’t actually have any articulation unless you count the head. Really, he doesn’t need it since his sculpt is already in a good position.

A perfect figure that fits well in any JP collection. A quality figure that earns 5 outta 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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