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Young T-Rex Review

Young T-Rex
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Deluxe Dinos
This is one of those figures that has me at a neutral stance. I love the sculpt and the coloring but I just think its to big. The adult rex is bigger yes but this guy still dwarfs every other JP figure.

Our little rex comes at a tall height of about 11 inches, pretty big for a youngin. He comes with two nifty features, Dino damage and attacking whatnot. The DD is your typical idea of it, put the piece of skin in, pull the piece of skin out. The skin fits in nicely and comes out easily. The attacking feature is very simple, squeeze the neck and the mouth opens wider, wide enough to grab prey. The sculpt has him in a weird pose, like he’s just standing there waiting for a bus. Like the other Deluxe Dinos, his skin is rubber so it actually feels like skin instead of hard plastic.

His coloring is pretty well done. His body is mainly a dust brown color while down his back he has grey stripes. His DD is red for the muscle and the bones are white of course. His nails and teeth are grey with his tongue being pinkish/red.

Articulation is very little here with only the arms actually moving.

Overall a cool figure but a little to big to get a 5 outta 5 from me.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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