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Spider-Man (Iron) Review

Spider-Man (Iron)
Spider-Man Origins (Hasbro) - Series 2
I'm amazed at how quickly (how soon after the Civil War comics came out) Marvel got this figure out. They must have been flooded with mail demanding this be made, and looks like it worked! Unfortunatey, this Spidey looks exactly like I expected, like a rushed job.

This dude is freaky. Iron Spidey stands 6.25 inches, that's already way too tall for a Spiderman figure. And it's not like they can use the old "the suit adds a foot in height!" excuse like with Iron Man because Spidey's suit is skin-tight, not bulky at all. The suit looks good even-though the spider-design was tweaked slightly to accomodate articulation, a fair trade-off, especially since the modifications aren't even noticable unless pointed out.The body sculpt is appropriate (and original?), he's a lean, mean, shiny red machine with 7 legs. That's DAMN scary! Speaking of legs, spiders have 8, this guy only has 7 (arms, legs, 3 robotic), it must make it easier on artists to draw one less leg, heh.

Normally I'm a sucker for creepy eyes and metallic paint, but the paint on this figure is disappointing, specifically the yellow parts. The red is unbelievably cool! It's metallic, almost chrome, and doesn't have any flaws. The problem is the yellow, it's too thin and sloppily painted on. In some areas it makes the spider-symbol look round when it's supposed to be perfectly pointed and straight. Also, the yellow on the ankles is cracking a little and it looks like someone's paint-brush bristle fell on the figure and was painted over, just awful quality control. I hope they're all not like this, but odds are looking grim. At least the eyes on mine are decently painted. I've heard a lot of people say the chin is too pointy, but I like it. It distinguishes him that much more from the other suits and matches the pointy robotic legs.

Yes, he has those cool leg-things and they look decent! A resounding endorsement isn't it? I mean, they don't look like metal, they're horribly bent from being in the package, and they don't look particularly threatening in flat yellow plastic. They do have cording detail but you can't see it; they need to be metallicized and given a wash of black to bring out the grooves and ridges. They are super-poseable! They connect to Spidey's back with ball-joints for a full range of movement! And on top of that, they have two built-in hinges for even more manuverability! (I haven't tried to re-create the cover of Civil War #3 yet, but I'll tell ya how it goes) The legs are removable! Actually, I can pop them off Spidey's back fairly easily, but it doesn't say anything about that on the package so don't blame me if you accidentally tear a peg.

I despise it when articulation opportunities are wasted and/or blatantly ignored. Spidey is missing articulation in the forearms, waist, and calves. The waist I can understand, a swivel there would ruin Spidey's sleek look, but why not the forearms and calves? The forearms definitely need a swivel to allow the hands to turn, but again, that looks like it might ruin the sleekness. The calves have no excuse, but Spidey does come with a base (with pegs) to stand him on so it all comes down to wether you want crazy poses or a standing, menacingly glaring Spiderman. The fingers can move independently, which is always good, but the hand is kinda bulky, like Moon Knight's. Something like the Movie Mr Fantastic's hands would work well. All joints are very tight and sturdy, make sure none of the joints are stuck, you don't want a peg to rip off by accident!

This is a great figure, but even the greatest figures look like garbage when they look like someone painted them by blowing paint through a straw. Also, articulation is important in a Spiderman figure! He has to be able to flex properly and be placed in trademark positions, otherwise you just have another hard-to-find expensive shiny-red robot.

And a small note: The robotic arms and Spidey's own legs were badly bent when I opened the package, he couldn't stand up, even with the base! You might have to straighten some parts right away, refer to Figure Realm's tutorials, located under the Custom Showcase section!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Origins, welcome to the boards.
Kern - Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Stupid Brit question - is this the Origins or Select version?
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, May 12, 2007
Tom-Tom - Saturday, May 12, 2007
that woyld be point less since i can already bend my nose in 5 different places. heres to bad bone structure! mypoint is they probably went over the articulation budget with the extra arms.
Dr Nightmare - Friday, May 4, 2007
Alright, let''s say someone takes away your ability to bend your wrists, your neck, and waist but allows your nose to bend in 5 different places. How is that bad?
hawkeye - Friday, May 4, 2007
In hindsight Its better than I thought before. I like it quite a bit now
Tom-Tom - Friday, May 4, 2007
about the POA: we lost 5 joints and gained 9. how is that bad? someone, please, tell me how.
hawkeye - Saturday, January 27, 2007
I agree, total ruh job. My girlfriend got me it for christmas and its pretty bad. I hope the Scarlet Spider is better if they make it
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, January 27, 2007
The knees are like click-joints on mine so they won''t be getting loose anytime soon. Just another sign of the crazy irregularities in the figures...
Unknown User - Saturday, January 27, 2007
That leg thing happened to my spidey as well, but i could stand up on its own.
Also is it just me or do the hand joints and the knee joints seem lose?
Fav part of it has to be the cybernetic legs on his back.
Very good review Doc.

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