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Thrasher T-Rex Review

Thrasher T-Rex
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dino-Strike
The Lost World dinos had to be the best versions ever made in my opinion. They were the right scale, good sculpt and had some cool actions. Granted there were a few odd ones that may stick out but most were perfect. None represent the line as best as the Thrasher Rex does. He is perfect with a good scale, great colors and and some pretty nifty items and attack features.

The Rex is a good size, about 12 inches when in a "walking" pose. The walking pose is the most realistic but he can't really stay up without support so the ideal pose for him to stand is vertical. This looks weird, like hes trying to catch a bird, but it lets him stand upright. The Rex comes with two things of interest. First is his Dino-Strike feature. When you grab his tail and pull it from side to side he shakes his head, hence the Thrasher name. This is a cool feature because it allows him to throw other figures around, he even has enough power to move the JP vehicles. The other cool thing is his Restraint gear. Some of the gear in the series was odd and bulky, this style isn't. The gear comes in two pieces, one hooks around his stomach, right behind his arms, and looks like a large metal restraint with a tracker on it. The second piece is a muzzle that cover his mouth and has two forks that comes out from each side. At the end of each fork is a small nub that fits into a hole on each side of the stomach restraint gear, successfully trapping him. This is where his DS comes in. IF you shake his head when the gear is on, the nubs get ripped out of the chest restraint and the Rex is free to chomp on your figures!!! I like the Rex's features the best out of the series because the gear fits well and his DS is actually effective.

The Rex's coloring is perfect, a great jungle blend. The whole body is your basic jungle green but with a white/grey coat for his belly. Down his back he has dark grey stripes to give him a Predator camo looks. His body was made with soft rubber, giving him the feel of real skin. While most of his body is made with the rubber, his legs are hard plastic to support his weight. His claws are dark grey, almost black, while his teeth are white and the inside of his mouth is red, the tongue being pink. The one thing I dislike here is the tongue. I don't know why but it has a the Colossus armored look, the tongue has the lines across it. Why they did this I still don't know, maybe dinos had lined tongues.

This guys sculpt and articulation is perfect. His sculpted/normal pose is supposed to look like hes walking towards something or standing still roaring at someone. Articulation is present at the arms legs and the DS action gives him movement at the head and tail.

A really cool figure that really adds to any JP line. His size, color and coolness earn him 5 stars.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, July 2, 2007
Dude how did you get it in mint condition its pretty cool because they dont sell these anymore or did you have it already.Cool toy just love jp lost world and this toy is great its probobly why i had my name like this.oh if you can tell me where you get it ill try to get one.

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