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Speeder Bike (with Biker Scout) Review

Speeder Bike (with Biker Scout)
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Vehicles
The Scout Troopers aka Biker Scouts. Lightly armored but still dangerous, these were the protectors of Imperial Installments and Scouts of new worlds. They traveled fast on their Speeder Bikes and used only the bikes speed, front gun and a small hand blaster to protect themselves.

Throughout all the SW movies, ive always been a big fan of the Scout Troopers. They were always so cool, they rode cool speeders really fast and seemed brighter then regular Stormtroopers since most of the time they didnt get themselves shot...they just ran into trees. It wasnt until several years after I started collecting from the SW line did I learn that they were made as figures. I was a bit annoyed by this, by then they were all but gone. Then one day I was at KB toys and there was one, for $10!!! I was overjoyed, I bought it instantly and opened it as soon as I could. Luckily, I wasnt disappointed one bit!!! This pack comes with two things, the trooper and a bike. Ill start off with the bike first since its actually more of a highlight. The bikes length is about 6'', a good size for 3.75 inch figs. It comes with several actions. First off is the pedals. As you can see by the picture, each side of the bike has foot pedals. These are spring loaded, when resting on a table they are collapsed but when you lift it to play they swing back down. The cool thing about his is that when they are pulled up, the exhaust flaps on that side(in the back of the bike)flap up to simulate a turn or a stop, something thats cool and adds to detail. The other sweet feature is the break apart action. The bike is actually three parts, the front, body and the seat and control panel. All these things hook together tightly to form the bike. In the back on the bike, on the main body is a button, disguised as a trooper's pack. When the bike is assembled and the button is pushed the bike "blows up" into three pieces to make it look like the driver just crashed, an awesome addition.

Coloring of the bike is perfect here. The underbody of the bike is black while the upper body, seat and front extension is a dark brown. The front of the body, right where the extension meets the actual bikes is painted with silver streaks to look like the bikes taken a beating. The bike handles are a grey/black color while the bikes buttons are painted red.

Believe it or not, the bike actually has articulation. The "legs", handles and small turret on the front aall move, adding even more playability.

For all the bikes coolness, it gets five outta five.

Now onto our trooper friend, whos review is going to be much shorter. The trooper comes standing at the normal SW size of 3.75 inches, not bad and tall enough to fit the bike. He is sculpting in a sitting/crouching postition with his elbows at his sides. This means that he only looks natural on the bike and not standing normally since he kinda leans forward. The trooper comes with no weapons but thats not to bad, he gets a nice ride instead.

Paintjob is cool and movie style. He wears the typical Scout armor with his own special helmet. He wears a black bodysuit with white armor over it. His gloves are are black and have no armor to protect his arms.

Articulation is pretty interesting, I don't think any other SW figure has anything like it. He features movement at the arms and legs of course but his head movement is intresting. Instead of his head moving side to side, it moves up and down instead, allowing him to either looks straight up or straight down without moving his body. An interesting but nice change that allows more poses.

All and all he gets a 5 outta 5 just like his bike. Both are perfect for any collectors, fans or anyone else who thinks these guys are cool.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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