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Tie Fighter Review

Tie Fighter
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Vehicles
The TIE fighters were the backbone of the Imperial Military. Sleek ships capable of attacking most fighters, they did have downfalls though. In attempts to save money and to possibly deter any pilots from deserting the ships were devoid of life support, hyperdrive and landing gear. Sounds like the Imperials really meant business when dealing with their own men.

All the vehicles in the SW line were produced well, both big and small ones. All of them were nicely detailed, fit to scale and had lots of playability. The TIE fighter here is no exception. Standing about8.5 inches tall at the tip of the wing, the TIE fighter is a nice size. It doesn't come with any launching weapons or fancy figures but it does come with battle damage. What I mean by this is the wings. Each wing is plugged into the side of the cockpit. Then, about an inch from the plug in spot is a button by each wing. When the button or buttons are pressed the wings blast off to simulate a hit TIE fighter, pretty cool since you can launch both wings or one at a time and then easily put it back together. When plugged in, the wings fit snugly and don't move much. The other nice feature is an open cockpit. On the top are two doors that make up the top hatch. Both doors are on hinges and can be opened to allow a figure to be put in. Both the doors and the cockpit are large so most figures can fit in well.

The coloring of this thing is dead on to its movie likeness. The whole body is mostly a blue/dark grey color. The wing panels and other panels along the body are painted a flat black like in the movie. The small blaster cannons are painted a light green to show they are ready to be fired at an enemy ship. The inside is a real work of art. Everything is dark grey and has been styled and detailed. Panels have been styled to put on the computer decals(which look good and stay on tight) and the chair actually looks like a pilots seat!!!

A really cool and detailed vehicle. What gave it an edge was its simpleness. It didn't come with fancy cannons or any of that and it was made well enough to fit and SW figure or any other 3.75 figure to fit into it and still be easy enough to get out. For all this it gets a five out of five.

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