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Clone Trooper (Super Articulated) Review

Clone Trooper (Super Articulated)
Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith (Hasbro) - Collection 1
The Clone Troopers were the faceless soldiers of the Republic Army. Grown on Kamino, they were raised without emotion to serve the Republic, no matter the order. This lack of emotion and sheer loyalty eventually led to the downfall of the Republic and paved the way to the Imperial reign, one that would last for over 30 years.

The CT is one of those more simple figures. No fancy things, only one weapon and a simple paintjob. Though he is simple, he is one of the better SW figures. He comes at 3.75 inches tall and with one weapon. Really, I could end the review there, that’s it but I wont. The sculpt is done well on this guy, you can put him however you want. Since there are no items to get in the way of his movement, we are free to make him do whatever we want him to. There is nothing better then a figure who can be put in any pose we can think of.

Ok, now onto this fellows paintjob. He comes in white armor, if you expected something else you can leave now, he isn’t getting new armor, though it may turn a nice yellow over time. Under his fancy white armor he sports the black bodysuit. I’m guessing that this armor wasn’t to comfortable so the BS makes up for it. One cool thing about his armor is that it has tan streaks that give him the illusion he's fighting out in some rural area. His belt is solid white this time, no painted buttons anywhere(which isn’t that bad). His blaster is black. One thing ill never understand is why they changed the clones weapons in the third movie. They went from nice rifles with scopes to little hand blasters. I guess this was another attempt to save money, apparently the Republic cares more for its budget then its freedom. He does come with a radio type thing on his back, it like everything else, is painted black.

Now onto the main feature: his articulation. I’m not quite sure how he is super articulated, most other clones have the same movement. Maybe this was Hasbro's attempt to make more variants to sell more, just change the name and they must go like hotcakes. Anyhow, he has movement at the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, knees and feet.

A cool figure all and all. Though he doesn’t come with many weapons, the great lack of anything to hinder his movement really gives him an edge. I guess at the end of the day simpleness is better then crazy items. 5 outta 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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