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Clone Trooper Review

Clone Trooper
Star Wars - Saga (Kenner) - Sneak Preview
Well folks, here I am again with a 50/50 stance on this figure. It has flaws yes but im a big fan of Clone soldiers and it was made before the second movie came out. I’m on the fence of whether I should forgive Hasbro for this guy. Maybe ill just let you, the reader, do the picking.

Our CT comes at a little less then 3.75 inches. This is due to his sculpt which has him in a crouch/aim position. If you’ve ever seen someone kind of crouch down and aim a gun to shoot something a good distance off, that’s what this guy looks like. He comes with one item, well technically two. He comes with a blaster rifle and a blaster burst for the tip of his gun. There isn’t to much more I can actually say about him so its time to move onto his paintjob and articulation.

paintjob really isn’t to bad, I like it in fact. He comes wearing the usual white armor with black bodysuit under it, no big thing. His rifle is black but with a brown stock, again something that I never saw as common. His blaster burst is blue I believe. I say believe because I switched bursts around so now he has a green shot instead of blue, green looks better lol. What really makes him stand out is his leg coloring. Over his legs they colored him with a rust brown color. This gives him the Fighting-On-Geonosis-got-sand-on-my-legs look. He fits in due to this and looks better then a standard trooper.

Now on to the articulation and I warn ye, it be bad here. He’s got movement at the head, arms and legs. You may ask "what’s wrong with that"? Well ill tell you. His legs are half crouched and his arms are half bent. In any other pose then the aiming pose he looks odd, really odd. So basically your stuck with a hunched trooper, he looks good standing or dead but that’s about it.

Not a horrible figure but I think it could have been done better then it was. As such, he gets a 4.50 out of 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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