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Reek Review

Star Wars - Saga (Kenner) - Creatures
The Nexu was one of three beasts used in the Arena on Geonosis for executions. It was a cat like creature that could jump long distances and used its sharp talons to kill its prey. It was also unlucky enough to be the first creature killed when Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme tried to escape. Using his force powers, Anakin controlled the Reek, another creature, and trampled the Nexu while it stalked Padme.

The creatures from SW have always been good, much like the vehicles. The Nexu doesn’t break this trend, it still came out nice and mostly scale with the actual figures. The only thing wrong with its scale is that it seems a bit to small not small enough that it really effects anything. Anyhow, the Nexu comes with several cool add-ons. First is its noise. Above the gash on its left side is a small button. When pushed in he lets out a pained cry as if he’s just been wounded. Another cool feature is his jaw movements. You open his jaws and they stay open. Apply just a little pressure and they snap shut allowing you to have the Nexu take down some unlucky SOB. The last cool feature is his tails. They are made with a really pose able rubber which allows us to pose the tails in anyway we see fit, something that’s cool.

Now onto the beasts color. Like most other SW figures, he stays true to the movies. His whole body is a tan color. Then down his back he has grey stripes which go from side to side. His back spikes start off tan at the base and get darker as they move up. The Nexus’s mouth and ears are pink with the teeth being white. The claws are your typical black color. The eyes are quite unique. The are mostly a green color but have small spots of red on them. The wound color on his side is a dried blood color and his ribs are white.

He doesn’t have much movement but enough to make him cool. All four legs move and so does his jaw. His tail has the ability to move any which way so that has lots of movement to.

Overall a pretty cool figure. My only complaint is again his size, I think he could have been a bit bigger.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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modern_messiah - Thursday, February 1, 2007

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