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Arc Runner and Cale Review

Arc Runner and Cale
Titan A.E. (Hasbro)
Cale, the main character of the movie Titan A.E was mans only hope. Years after Earth was destroyed, Cale held mans last hope in the form of a ring. This ring held the coordinates of a ship, a ship capable of creating a planet for humans to live on. The Drej, a race of pure energy that destroyed Earth, also know that Cale has this map and they persistently search for him in an attempt to stop the making of a new plant.

Well, I've seen the Titan A.E movie and its not to bad. Granted its meant towards kids, its got action and some violence. Anyhow, ill move onto the review of this figure. This combo pack features Cale in his atmosphere suit, a welding gun and an Arc Runner. The Arc Runner is basically just a bike, much like a SW Speeder Bike. The Bike comes with a rocket that fires out of the front but I've long since lost it. Cales suit has a pretty good design, it actually looks like a space suit and comes with a removable helmet that is supposed to look like glass. His welding gun also turned out well, its not over or undersized and fits in his hands.

Now onto the color of these objects. Cales suit is a light blue color with dark blue for the buttons and such. The gloves and boots however are a transparent orange color. His helmet again is clear and is supposed to look like glass. His welding gun is a grey/silver color meant to look like metal. The bike features an interesting paint scheme. The front of the bike is the same transparent orange color, transparent enough so when light comes through it looks like the bike is shining. Then, about halfway down the body of the bike the color turns silver and looks like metal. A weird color change but it turned out looking pretty good. The bikes projectile is a dark red color but again I don’t have it so it wasn’t in the picture.

Articulation is ok here. Much like the old SW figures. He has movement in the head, arms and legs. His sculpt is ok to. He stands up well enough on his own and looks good sitting down. The only bad thing is that his hands are sculpted to hold things , in a half fist but they go sideways so all he can really hold onto his the handlebars and the welding gun.

Not a bad figure, don’t know if id ever buy more(I got mine from friends). He gets a 4.75 out of 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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