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Geonosian Warrior Review

Geonosian Warrior
Star Wars - Saga (Kenner) - Attack of the Clones
The Geonosians were a race of bug like creatures that inhabited the desert world of Geonosis. As the Clone Wars broke out, they allied themselves with Count Dooku and his group. Their planet became the site for a massI've droid plant and was the first conflict of the Clone Wars.

The Geonosian figures will always be rather interesting. Most Star Wars aliens are semi human like, these are not. They look like green twigs in my opinion. Anyhow the Geonosian comes with two items, a spear and an electric spiral. The electric spiral actually does have a purpose. It fits around the spear giving it an electric look, which is good since in the movie the spears did have electric tips. I think the spirals were a bit over done and were made a bit to long, they take up almost the entire spear. Anyhow, moving on. The spear fits nicely in the Geonosians weird hands, which is about all they are good for since they are so skinny and odd.

Staying true to the Movie coloring, the Geonosian fits in well. His whole body is a mix of light green and yellow, giving him his insect color. His wings are clear but with red veins jutting through them. His pear is a metallic grey and the spirals are a nice blue color that allows light to shine through, making it seem more like electricity.

Articulation hadn’t gotten great at this line of figures but it isn’t to bad. He sports movement at the arms, legs and wings but no head. I think the lack of head movement occurred due to his neck being so skinny, it wouldn’t have looked good. His sculpt is pretty good also. In a normal pose his is in an alert standing/lunging position which fits well. I was surprised though, his skinny legs actually hold him up quite well.

Overall not a bad figure, he sure does his movie counterpart justice. If you want to rebuild the droid armies you might want to consider buying a few of these guys as guards or workers.

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