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Luke Skywalker (Desert Sport Skiff) Review

Luke Skywalker (Desert Sport Skiff)
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Deluxe Figures
In every series one will find that a company will make a few figures that serve no point whatsoever. These figures may or may not be short packed but always turn up somewhere, sometimes even for allot of money. For fans they are treasures, collectors want them but for everyone else they are usually junk. Such is the case with the Luke Skywalker (Desert Sport Skiff) combo pack. It was never shown in anything as far as I know and the figure is ugly.

I might as well due all both review at once, the Luke figure wont take as long so ill start with him. This Luke comes at 3.75 inches tall and is a repackage of an earlier Luke. This things also ugly, very ugly. Luke looks like He-Man so much its just annoying. Luke is a twiggy farm boy not a bodybuilder!!! He may be in his farm boy clothes but that and his ugly head are the only thing that tell us he’s Luke Skywalker and it’s a long shot even there. Next up is the Skiff which really isn’t so bad. It really isn’t anything fancy, just a flying platform with guns. It has two features. The first is a launcher, push the rocket into the spring loader in the middle, pull the lever and watch it fly. The second feature is spring wings. The wings can either be kept in a downward position or in a “not in use” position being folded up.

Luke’s colors are again, a repaint. He comes wearing a white shirt and tan pants, no big deal. The Speeder looks much better then the figure though. The whole things basic color is tan. Then down the sides and the front it has red stripes and markings. The wings, launcher, and missile are factory plastic grey, not a big deal but it adds diversity in the colors.

Luke’s articulation is standard. Like the other version he has movement at the head, arms and legs, whoopdee do.

The skiff itself isn’t to bad but the figure stinks, bad. If they had packaged it with a better figure it may have been better, my bet is that it would have been. It gets 4.50 stars out of 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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