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Space Walker Suit and Cale Review

Space Walker Suit and Cale
Titan A.E. (Hasbro)
Another Titan A.E custom is what we have here. Ive looked at the rest of the series’ figures I think that most are pretty childish and cartoony except for a few. This is one of those few, Space Walker Suit and Cale. I got mine loose from a friend and it was missing allot of its parts, all I got was the figure and the walker, no walker glass, gun or shot so ill be reviewing the pieces I have and you’ll have to go from the picture, id rather not give and inaccurate review.

Cale comes at 3.75 inches, again allot like the SW figures of the time. He posed in a standing pose with two outstretched arms, probably how someone would look getting ready to drive a walker.

His paintjob is pretty snazzy. His costume consists first of a grey bodysuit. Over that he wears pieces of armor, some pieces being a transparent purple and other being a transparent blue. His hair is a light tan color with the roots of the hair being a darker brown.

Articulation is still like SW, movement at the head, arms and legs.

Not a bad figure, he fits right in with the SW crowd. He gets 4.75 out of 5 stars

Now onto the Walker. This beast is actually only a bit bigger then Cale. It does come with some features but since mine was loose I can't say to much about them.

It does have an interesting color though. The body is a transparent red color, clear enough to let light through to light it up. The legs are a silver color but the tech on the legs and the feet are a tan/clear color. Looking at the figure in box I can also say the windshield is the same tan color.

The robot features only two places of movement. These places are at the legs and legs only.

A cool combo pack, it definitely adds to and Sci-Fi line. It gets a 4.75 out of 5 stars.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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