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Acklay Review

Star Wars - Saga (Kenner) - Arena Battle Beast
The Acklay was a large spider creature that was used on Geonosis for execution purposes. When the Jedi strike force arrived on Geonosis to save Obi-Wan and gang the Acklay was one of the two creatures left alive. It proceeded to run amuck the arean smashing droids and anything else that got in its way. It soon met its match when Obi-Wan killed it with his lightsaber.

This guy is big, really big. He EASILY dwarfs every other SW figure, at least the actual human/alien figures. He comes with two points of interest, his Damage wound and chomping mouth. Ill start first with his chomping mouth. Yoyu simply grab the top of his head frill and pull back. The head, which is on a spring opens the mouth. When releases the mouth snap shut. The next feature is his Damage wound. On the his lower gut, towards the front is a small compartment where you can store several organ shaped pieces of rubber. When he gets injured you can then open this compartment and the organs "fall out". A really cool feature, the organs look pretty good and their rubber texture makes them feel real to a degree.

Coloring is pretty good here. His whole body is basically dark green. His underside was then painted a white color to represent the flesh. His stinger on the back is also green but its a lighter shade. The organ pieces are painted a translucent purple, guess thats what his organs are supposed to look like.

He comes with several pieces of movement. All six legs have movement at the leg, knee and feet areas, this allows him many poses but because of his size he is slightly hard to stand up. The jaw also has movement due to the snapping feature.

Another one of those cool but hard to find figures from the SW line. He makes a fine addition to any collection or just as another monster figure.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Saturday, February 3, 2007
It does, he would fit in well. The funny thing is he dwarfs the McFarlene 6'''' Alien figures
Unknown User - Saturday, February 3, 2007
Looks like somthing out of ALIEN.

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