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Landspeeder Review

Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Vehicles
The Landspeeder was Luke's only form of transportation on his desert home world. It was equipped with no weapons but with a repulser lift that let it speed across the vast deserts.

The Landspeeder was only seen briefly in the begging of "A New Hope", about the first 15-20 minutes. Its really not surprising that it was made into a figure though, the SW line has their thing about making random figures, probably to boost sales. Even though it is a random figure, its still pretty cool. It comes with a few nice features to it. The first is the fact that it can hold two figures, well just about any two figures as long as their legs don't spread out to wide when they are in the sitting pose. The Speeder also has a peg behind each seat, this lets you stick more figures on the vehicle, like the droids or other smaller figures, anything to big looks funny and has a tendency to fall off. One of the best parts of the figure is the wheel function. The speeder has three wheels, one at the front and two at the back. The wheels can be extended or retracted through the use of the stick shift by the drivers seat, you move the stick the intended way and the wheels react. The skiff can be pushed along most floors fine without wheels but the wheels give it a more realistic look as they make the speeder sway as it moves. The speder also has a pop open hood. a small button is at the front of the speeder, when pushed it causes a spring to go up and the hood pops up revealing the engine, something cool.

Paintjob is just like in the movie. The whole landspeeder is tan but it has dark red stripes outlining the body. The front of the landspeeder has silver stripes that extend around the sides. The seats and the stick shift are factory grey, not a bad color. The speeder has three exhaust ports at the back. Two are solid tan but the one on the far left is more interesting. In the movie the cover was ripped off so to stay true the top of the port is gone and you can see the wires, which are painted grey.

I can't say there is anything that could be classified as real movement here. The wheels extend, the hood pops up and the middle exhaust port can be pulled off the vehicle but thats it.

A cool figure that adds to any SW style setting. It functions well as a civi-type vehicle or just as a transport.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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