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Naruto Uzumaki (Kunax Daggers) Review

Naruto Uzumaki (Kunax Daggers)
Naruto (Mattel)
Naruto Uzumaki

In the past few months I've gotten more and more into anime. Ive watched several series and enjoyed them but not as much as Naruto. It has a good story line, the characters are pretty cool and there is little editing, something that’s always appreciated. Granted the English series differs a little from the Japanese series(English is FAR behind and the voices sound very different) they are both pretty good. Like I said in one of my customs, I was excited when they decided to make a line of Naruto figures. Most of these series was good, the detail wasn’t shabby and they made all the good characters(the rest I have to make lol)

Anyhow, this review is directed towards the Naruto Uzumaki first wave figure. Being the main character, Naruto is the most redone and repackaged character, luckily all the variants have at least one new thing. This Naruto comes with one weapon, an action and stands at 4 inches tall. His weapon is a “clump” of kunai knives. I really don’t care for the way these knives were made. They are pretty much just a clump of rubber designed to look like flying knives, the detail is kind of pathetic and the bending rubber was a bad idea. His action is much better though, he has a “Throwing” action. His waist is set on one of those twisting joints, you pull him back at the right arm and he turns halfway. You then release the arm and he swings back to normal, throwing whatever he happened to be holding. This was a good idea but done badly with the knives. Since the knives are angled poorly, its very hard to get them to stay in his hands. Once you do, there is a high chance he will drop them when you are pulling his arm back, something that gets frustrating. If you do manage to get all this done right and throw it, the little buggers go pretty far, about half a foot. Since they are made of rubber though they don’t have the power to knock another figure down.

His paintjob is accurate to his anime and manga wear. He comes dressed in his orange and blue jumpsuit. Why a NINJA would wear a bright orange jumpsuit, I still don’t know and doubt I ever will. The collar of the suit is white and meant to look ruffled, it turned out well. His hair is the bright blond color and he wears his forehead protector on his forehead(duh). The protectors band is blue as are his Ninja shoes/sandals. On his right leg he also wears his kunai holder while on the back of his leg he wears his items pouch. The pouch is a flat tan color while the kunai holder is black. Under the kunai holder he also wears white tape, again I don’t know why but these ninjas do.

Sculpt is pretty good. Most of the figures were made with a Super pose able type thing going on which allows allot of freedom, something not lost here. He has movement at the necks, arms, halfway between the elbow and shoulder, elbows, waist, legs and knees, lots of movement. My only complaint is his face sculpt. It has him stuck in an angry looking face. Naruto is one of those carefree kids, he doesn’t get angry that much, just annoyed and he never looks like that. The only time hes looks like this is when hes turning into Demon form, if that were true his face would be redder, his teeth would be sharper and bigger and his scratch marks would be loner. Since this isn’t the Demon version he just looks like someone kicked him in the groin and he has the dumbfounded look on his face, it just looks odd.

Not a bad figure, actually quite good for a first wave figure. He gets 4.95 out of 5 stars for the face.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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