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Hercules Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Annihilus Series
The only Hercules I know is Kevin Sorbo, that's the Herc I know, that's the Herc I love. I heard of Marvel's Hercules but I knew he wouldn't have the same personality, still, that didn't keep me from buying this figure!

Herc stands about 6.75 inches to the top of his head, and about 7 inches if you count his hair. This dude is massive! When they say he can go toe-to-toe with Thor and Hulk, they aren't kidding! From the few pictures I've seen, this figure looks exactly like it's supposed to, it's mostly very neatly-crafted as well. The picture on the package shows he has dark-brown hair but the actual toy has reddish-brown hair instead and the blue eyes are decently painted. Aside from that, everything looks great! Herc is ripped with veins bulging out of his arms. He has a big hysterical grin, the kind you can only get right before you crush a man's skull with your bare hands, or with a handy Adamantine mace, which Herc so conveniently has in hand! He comes packaged with it and can be held in either hand or hung from a loop on the right side of his belt. The mace is flexible but stiff enough to hold its shape. The hunter-green skirt and sash are nicely-detailed with creases and scars and are neatly-painted as well; The sash is removable. What I really like about this figure is that the gold parts are actually gold! They aren't some ugly orange or yellow color, they are goldenly gold! The headgear, bracelets, belt, mace, and even the studs on the grey leg-stockings are all golden. The shoes look like dark-grey cracked leather, and look great, but they look strange against the lighter grey of the leg-stockings, no big deal though. Herc's body is mae with flash-tone plastic and flawlessly shaded with a darker flesh-shade. Without doubt, some of you will love this but I think the shading is a bit overdone. The veins on his arms are half-heartedly shaded, as if someone was going to paint them dark-grey but then at last second decided to leave them alone and only faintly visible.

I'm pleased that no major articulation was sacrificed even though Hercules is a large bulky figure. The fingers and toes aren't hinged (like many of the new figures) but the elbows are still double-hinged and he can bend at the mid-section. The calves don't turn though, I haven't had a problem with posing him yet though. The wrist-hinges are tough to bend at first but they'll work normally after a few movements. What I love about these Hasbro figs are all the click-joints! They're sturdy so the hinges will almost never become loose. You can pose Herc anyway you want without fear of him doing the splits from being so top-heavy.

Hercules is packaged along with Annihilus's left wing, for the Build-A-Figure, and instructions on how to construct it. Also there is a full-color, picture-pamphlet enclosed with a checklist of many of Hasbro's new figures that are coming out and are on shelves already.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
DTM - Friday, April 20, 2007
except Iron Man
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, April 19, 2007
He was Roman or something, those guys were always drunk and surly
I''ve seen real guys with muscle like that, but granted, they almost didn''t seem real.
And yeah, I see every single figure from this series still on the pegs...
DTM - Thursday, April 19, 2007
I see alot of Hercs now. They are the only ones left on most of the pegs at some of the stores here
Maelstrom - Thursday, April 19, 2007
I don''t know...I think I have to disagree with everyone of you. First off, the facial expression...I mean, it looks like Herc and the Burger King mascot were seperated at birth. Then there''s the morbidly disproportionate, bulky anatomy. In my book Hasbro hit a foul with this figure. However I did make good use of some of it''s parts after dismembering it!
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Hah, yeah I got lucky and found all of these guys in a far-off Walmart. Now that I saw thre rest up-close, Herc is the only one I wanted. Hulk looked okay but I''m running out of room, that guy was frikkin huge @_@
Unknown User - Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Great review as always!!....I for one grew up reading Hercules, Thor , when these figures came out I had to have em all...I saw Herc on the pegs at a local Toys R Us. After pushing several 5 year old boys to the cement floor I reached out for the plastic Greek God...This is when Karma showed its vengeful head. Due to a packaging flaw ol'' Hercs head was broken at the neck, I looked down at the broken 5 year old bodies that were a direct result of my greed, And I said..."Hell I think I saw another one at Walmart!!!!" and ran away gleefully. All in all I like this figure, But I will customize him...its what I do.
hawkeye - Friday, February 9, 2007
This figure rocks man!

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