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Zabuza Momochi (Guillotine Sword) Review

Zabuza Momochi (Guillotine Sword)
Naruto (Mattel)
The Naruto figure series was good in many ways. It made all the good figures and it stuck close to the anime, close enough to actually represent it well enough. There were a few flaws in the series but nothing that major. The Zabuza figure was a good figure and my first actual Naruto figure. It was pretty sweet, he came dressed in his anime clothes and with his weapon of choice. There was however a small flaw that can be annoying, one they kinda fixed on the later figures. Anyhow, on to the review.

Zabuza comes at about 4 inches tall. Since he was one of the older Naruto characters, he fits well in with the crowd since they are 3.75 inches tall. He doesn't come with any fancy action or whatnot but he does come with one weapon: His giant sword. It could easily be a rip off of the Buster Sword from FF7 but im not complaining here, you can never have enough big swords, can ya? His sculpt is pretty good, in a normal pose he looks like hes standing there. His expression can't be read though, like in the anime and manga he has bandages covering his lower face. For the most part his sculpt is nice, except two things. One is his eyebrows, nothing big but the die hard fans would be going crazy. The makers gave him eyebrows, something he didn't and wasn't supposed to have in the anime and manga. This was even acknowledged when Naruto calls him an "eyebrowless freak". Nothing big but again im just throwing it out. The other problem piece is his legs. They fit well and are scale except for the thigh part. I suppose this was Bandai's first attempt at a Naruto "adult" and his thighs must have been made bigger to stay in tighter. This problem was fixed later on but he looks a bit odd from the side since his thighs are big while his legs are normalish size. Again, not something bad but he looks a bit weird.

Now on to his paintjob. His clothes are from his first encounter with Naruto and gang. I really don't like these clothes but its really a matter of opinion. He comes with no shirt but a brown strap across his chest, probably to hold his sword. He wears purple clown pants and on his shins and forearms he wears warmers which are colored in that weird cow pattern. His heads actually done well, his hair is black, his bandages are white and the forehead protector band is blue with a silver plate. His sword is also pretty well done. His swords handle is grey but has blue handles and grooves for him to hold onto. The actual blade is silver but the sharpened edge is white.

Articulation is the Naruto norm. He has movement at the head, shoulders, halfway between the shoulders and elbows, elbows, waist, legs and knees, not bad at all.

A cool figure, he adds as another classic Naruto villain. Not only that but his sword is pretty cool!!! 5 out of 5

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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