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Kakashi Hatake (Substitution Jutsu) Review

Kakashi Hatake (Substitution Jutsu)
Naruto (Mattel) - Deluxe Training
While the Naruto line focused more or less on the younger ninjas from their series, their sensei's and other adult ninjas were also made to add to the series. They were a nice addition and a nice change from the usual characters. Most of the Leaf adult ninjas came wearing the standard uniform, something that allowed a quick troop builder if one really wanted to build and army of ninjas. Anyhow, one that stuck out was Naruto's teacher, Kakashi. Known for his carefree attitude and awesome fighting skills, he is still a top among fan favorites.

Like Zabuza, Kakashi comes at 4 inches tall, fitting in with his team members. He doesn't come with any weapons but instead a base and an action. The base is a tree and allows him to preform a "ninjutsu". Both ends of the tree have small rods coming out which are connected to a turntable at the trees middle. On one side, a rod connects to a plastic log, on the other the rod turns into a C-clamp to go around Kakashi's waist. The top of the tree also serves as a trigger. When Kakashi is plugged in and the button is pushed, the turntable quickly spins and Kakashi is "replaced" with the log, allowing a quick escape. Its a nice little feature but gets old kinda quick, the main interest here is the figure itself.

Kakashi stays true to his Anime counterpart. His hair is the pineapple shape from the anime and is colored white/silver. He wears his headband over his right eye, the band being blue with a silver plate. Over his mouth and over his lower face he also wears his mask, the same color blue as the band and his bodysuit. Over much of his body he wears a dark blue bodysuit with two dark orange spirals on the shoulders. Then over that he wears his Jounin vest which is a dark green with another orange spiral on the back. Over his legs he wears bandages and has the blue ninja sandals. They even stay true at his hands, he wears his ANBU gloves rolled up to his wrists. The gloves are dark blue and the metal plate is grey. The tree is pretty simple and easy, the whole thing is brown except for the top which is dark green.

Articulation is standard, head, shoulders, in between shoulders and elbows, elbows, waist, legs and knees.

A pretty cool figure, he makes a good character to lead Naruto or to do battle with any other Naruto figures. He gets 5 out of 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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