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Iruka Umino (Shuriken Attack) Review

Iruka Umino (Shuriken Attack)
Naruto (Mattel) - Deluxe Training
Iruka was Narutos teacher in the academy. He supervised Naruto's classes and tried to push him to do better. Unlike other adults in the village, he did not blame Naruto for what the demon held inside of him did. After Naruto's graduation from the academy, Iruka took up training the next group of ninja candidates and became a father figure to Naruto.

Iruka comes at 4 inches and he appears to have the same exact body sculpt as Kakashi. Bandai must have wanted to save money from doing new sculpts but it really doesn't matter. all the ninjas wear the same gear and whatnot and at least they changed his skin color and his head. He comes with three things of interest, a weapon, a base and an action. Like the first wave characters, his waist was put on a turntable joint to allow him to throw weapons. You simply pull back on him right side and let go, he effectively throws a weapon. His weapon is a giant shurikan, much like the one used in the first chapter of naruto AGAINST him. I guess they wanted to make a weapon fans could think back and say "hey that kinda fits". The shuriken is made of rubber and fits in his hands pretty well, the throwing action isn't impeded by bad holding. The last things he comes with his a snap apart base. The base resembles a large wooden window, the middle cut out in a square. The base comes with a small stack of tissue paper, you are supposed to snap apart the base, insert a piece of tissue paper and snap it shut. Then when he throws it at close range the shuriken rips through the paper. I just put the small stack in at once so I didn't lose them so obviously he isnt able to cut through them all. The paper is thin enough though that he probably could rip through it easily.

Like I said before, his clothes and color are almost exact to Kakashi's. The only difference they made to the Kakashi body is the skin color, which was darkened and a new head sculpt to look like Iruka. The other change they made was giving the body a turntable joint. All this would have fit nicely but there was a small flaw, something else fanboys would have had Bandais head for: he still wears the ANBU gloves. Iruka was never in the ANBU unit and wouldn't have those gloves. Not really a big deal to me, I actually think he looks better with then but I though id mention it. His weapon is the factory rubber black, no need to paint it I guess. The base is a light brown color all around and the tissue is white(duh)

Articulation is the same as Kakasi, except now the waist spins instead of actually freezing in a pose, nothing to bad. Hes got movement at the head, shoulders, mid elbow, elbows, waist, legs and knees, again not shabby.

A cool figure to say the least, I don't think they really could have screwed him up. The only thing ill take off for is the glove thing. He gets 4.95 stars out of 5.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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