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Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender) Review

Rebel Trooper (Tantive IV Defender)
Star Wars - Power of the Jedi (Kenner) - A New Hope
I'm still not a big fan of the Power of the Jedi series, doubt I will ever by one. The figures were om but the main problem lay in their hands. They were made much smaller which means they couldn't hold on of the other lines weapons, something annoying since the lines before had much better weapons. They actually could hold the weapons, but not very well and you had to really force them in, something that was just a waste of time. Of course, with small hands come small weapons. These new weapons were much smaller and the plastic was pathetic, they bent and broke very easily. Since they were so small, the vice versa thing happened also, older figures couldn't hold them and unlike the PotJ line, you couldn't make their hands smaller. The line really should have been more in scale with the other but if you just collect this line or don't really want them to move around allot your off pretty good.

Anyhow, on to the figure review. Our Rebel stands at the SW height of 3.75 inches, they at least kept that in check. He comes with one weapon, a blaster pistol which looks really far out. Most SW weapons looks semi realistic, this guys looks like some future super-soaker pistol. At least they did something right though and it fits in his hands well despite the size. It really helps that the trigger wraps around his finger for a better grip.

His clothes are basically identical to the movie, although you only see him for a few minutes. He comes wearing black boots and a black combat vest. Under the vest he wears a light blue shirt and grey pants. Around his waist he is wearing a brown belt and he also has a pistol holder(gun does not fit). He is even still wearing the odd helmets from the move. The helmet is mostly white except for a black box/big "u" at the front. His gun is mostly black but the barrel is silver.

Articulation isnt bad here, it was just done in a bad fashion. He has the usual Star Wars movement plus some more, head, shoulders, wrists, legs, knees and feet. This may sound good but they did the knee joint funny. He has two poses, standing and crouching. This is done with the knees on a joint that allows turning, not bending. to put him in a crouch you have to actually rearrange his entire leg!!! This is very annoying and a bit time consuming, I would have liked the regular knee joint instead but we get what we get.

Not one of my favorite figures but hes not to bad. The most annoying part of him is the stupid knee joints. Other then that hes pretty cool and gets 4.50 out of 5 stars.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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