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TaunTaun & Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear) Review

TaunTaun & Luke Skywalker (Hoth Gear)
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Creature Sets
TaunTaun's were a species of animal that looked like a combination of a goat and horse. They were native to the planet Hoth and were used by the Rebels to patrol their base since their usual fighter were not yet all adapted to the new environment. As beats of burden they were easily frightened but became the main unit of transportation on the plant Hoth.

The TaunTaun figures were released twice in this line, once with a Han Solo figure and another time with Luke Skywalker. Im guessing they feature the same body and action but I only own the Luke one, which is the center of this review. The pack comes with several things, a TaunTaun, Luke, a harness and a blaster. Ill kick the review off with the TaunTaun.

The TaunTaun is a bit taller then the usually SW figures but not by much. At full height he stands at about 4.5 inches while the SW figures stand at 3.75 inches. The TaunTaun comes with two things of some interest. The first is a harness. It fits like you can probably guess, in the things mouth. you stick the bar part in the back of the muth, over the head and you have a harness complete with reins extending back to the rider, which he can actually hold onto due to two nubs. The second feature is a running type action. On the back of the saddle, disguised as a pouch, is a button, when it is pushed down the TaunTauns legs swing back and forth, simulating the TaunTaun running. A cool feature but its kinda useless since you have to pick it off the ground to use it.

The TaunTaun looks allot like its movie counterpart. The upper part of its coat is a light blue while its underside is white. Across the light blue coat are flecks of white to looks like snow. Its tusks are a dirty tan color and most of the saddle and reins are dark brown. The very end of the saddle bags are grey though.

The TT some actual articulation. He hes movement at the head, arms and legs, not much but enough to give him quite a few poses.

Now onto the Luke figure. He comes at a little under 3.75 inches, this is due to the fact he is in a sitting/crouching pose on the saddle. He really isn't meant to stand out of the saddle so that doesn't go to well. He comes with one item, the heavily repackaged Rebel blaster pistol.

He comes in his Hoth clothes. Over his head he wears a white hat with yellow lensed goggles and a blue radio. Over his chest and legs he wears a dark tan bodysuit. Then, under this he wears a white suit with light blue shoulder pads. His boots are the same dark tan color and his gloves are white with blue gauntlets. His blaster is the typical flat black.

Articulation is pretty good for a guy stuck in a sitting pose. He has articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, legs and knees, not bad.

Both are cool figures that add a bit more to any SW collection. This set gets 5 stars.

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