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Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 15 - Modok Series
I know nothing about Captain Marvel, if you don't either then get one anyway; this figure is great for custom fodder!

Mer-Vell is 6 inches tall with a great set of blonde hair. It could be even better if the paint-job were less blotchy and the hair-tips were sharper (Longshot's sweet golden mane has the same problem! Arrrg!) but it looks decent as is. He has a great head-sculpt too, strong dimpled chin. You could use this head for a custom Booster Gold or Hal Jordan! The skin that shows from the mask is finely painted and shaded (if only Hasblow would do the same...). The body is a basic sculpt, like Moon Knight's body, so it's great as a base figure for your customs. The only parts that aren't "standard" are the golden sculpted "Nega-Bands" on the wrists and maybe the feet are slightly too long (they also have light treading on the soles). The fingers on the left hand are too straight to be a natural position (they still bend though) and the right hand is sculpted like a fist, but the fingers are still hinged (like Kingpin's hand) which is wierd because it looks strange when you "outstretch" the fingers from the fist. The body is mostly molded in red plastic with the flat dark-blue parts painted on. There's also a golden star-burst on the chest.

Capmar has all standard ML articulation, including those nifty forward-pivoting shoulder-sleeves. The neck-joint is a swivel-hinge and is really tight. The mid-section hinge is nice but it's a little loose. Almost all the hinges are click-joints, which is great!

This figure also comes with a backdrop of a few ships in a space-battle (flat-out Star Trek rip-off, hah), a comic, and a MODOK BAF piece.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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