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Juggernaut Review

X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 2
I haven't seen a Juggernaut made that I like yet, the ML one was out of proportion and older Jugg figs were just awful. This XMC version looks pretty cool, but it's not the "standard" brown suit, it's more like a "what if instead of a magically enhanced dude, Juggernaut was a guy in a high-powered armored suit?" kind of design. He kinda looks like Onslaught...or a cockroach...a really ugly one...

Jugger stands a bit over 7 inches to the top of his head (without helmet) and 7.5 with the helmet on. Ugly. That sums up his face. Just take a look at the picture attached to this review, you won't be sleeping tonight. The helmet is flexible and removable and "locks on" to prevent it from flying off when he gets hit with a building. The suit's main color-scheme is burnt-red, silver, and black with a few yellow lines here and there. There are silver rivets all over the upper-body armor, which is made of rubber and glued onto the chest (like the ML Series 3 Thor). The shoulder-pads look great and move up and down to accommodate arm movement (like Avalanche's). There's overlapping armor on the forearms and shins (looks like the Airstrike Wolverine's, only more massive); it has a smooth stony texture. The feet look a little odd because each one has 4 small tabs (which look like armor) sticking out to the sides (2 on each side). I think they did this to help stabilize the figure for posing because this Jugg is heavy. The overall paint-job is "Good", considering all the detail on this figure, he even has fingernails on the meaty fingers. And of course, because it's mandatory to ruin an otherwise nifty figure, this fig has an "action feature"; There's a huge rod in his back that when pressed makes the massive arms move back and forth a little. Yes, just a little. "Power Punch" my arse, I thought he was going to uppercut the head off all my other figures but it just taps them, bummer. I say snap the rod off and pose him normally.

The articulation is impressive for this figure's size and design; it kept all of it! And even the fingers move individually! The mid-section hinge is nice but it doesn't move much. It just sorta tilts Jugg's chest back and forth a little. The swivels in the forearms and shins are well-hidden by the armor and all the hinges are click-joints.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Monday, May 7, 2007
I recently got it and was a little dissapointed with the overall mobility of the figure. Arms and legs arent great. The sculpt redeems it a little bit but I was very unimpressed.

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