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Spider-Man (Black Costume / Super Articulated) Review

Spider-Man (Black Costume / Super Articulated)
Spider-Man 3 - Movie (Hasbro)
Today I just picked up the new Spider-Man 3 figures. First on the block is the super-articulated symbiote Spider-Man. First off, the packaging is roughly supposed to look like webbing and with white to varying shades of blue to black on the backing to get a field of depth to apparently capture the buyer’s interest, but it looks pretty good. However, enough about the package, let’s get to the figure.

Spider-Man comes with about 26 points of articulation compared to Toybiz’s 36-44 points on average for a Spider-Man. His head is on a large ball joint and can be popped off easily if desired. The shoulder joints move just like a legends joint and turn at the bicep. He has two joints for his elbows and his wrists have a hinge type joint. His torso moves and has no waist articulation. He doesn’t have ball joints for his hips and is in fact one solid section down to his knees. He has two knee joints and its a hinge/swivel joint and resembles for that section to his hips as Sigma 6 joints. Finally his ankles are hinge joints as well and move up and down.

His base color is charcoal. Each web is outlined with a dull gray and the spider is of a much more lighter color of gray. The eyes are silver with black outlines. There is no shading of the figure and therefore you need to rely on the light to do Hasbro’s job on this.

Now the sculpt on the figure is pretty good and fairly accurate for the most part. The head looks fine and as do the webbing and front and back spiders. However, unlike Toybiz who actually sculpted scales, Hasbro decided to use hexagon like shapes for his scales which are more like lines that outline the scales. Nonetheless, it gets the effect across. He comes with a suction cup web stand that stick on glass and other surfaces, and this helps the figure a good deal believe or not with its presentation, but it didn’t need to be solid black. It still looks good though.

First the good, and now the bad. Most of the figures look good and of the two and only two that I bought, they do look fine. Sure this sounds good, but Hasbro decided to throw a freaking curve and make all of these figures roughly 5”. He actually stands a little short of 5.25”. So now they’re too small to fit in with your Legends and too large to even fit in with Showdown figures. Next Hasbro claims that he is ’super-poseable’ but in fact has lost a fair amount of articulation that we are used to. They could have at least made his waist turn and added a swivel joint on his forearm to make his hand poses better. Next, as I mentioned, there is no shading on ol’ Spidey and is a more solid color save the various grays for webbing and spiders. This kind of makes it look cheaper and not worth the money, which leads me to the price. I paid $8.76 a piece for these things at Wal-Mart. I only paid $7.99 for the Ghost Rider figures and they’re at least in scale with Legends, so this almost makes me wonder, lose an inch and pay more? It doesn’t make sense, except to take more money out our hands for less a product and based on Spider-Man’s popularity.

Alright, now for my grade on Spidey. For the figure itself on a 5” scale I would probably give it a 4 out of 5. However, on the 6” Legends scale and the fact that is just doesn’t fit in, I give it a 3 out of 5. Well, if nothing else Hasbro decided to be generous and give a free nifty Spider-Man sticker!

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User Comments
fanger54 - Monday, April 9, 2007
you guys are so right, these figures are so small, i got mine to do some stop motions along with the spider-man movie figures, but then when i went to do a scene, my jaw droped and i was p*** off but i got over it i love venom and i love spidey in black, but then again when i got them i got both the black suit spidey and venom i did not realise that both figures were not the colors i tought, first symbiote spider-man is a blue grey color and not black at all, and venom i freakin purple, i cant stress enought over the fact that they are mnot black.
so next time i can get my hand on both of them, well im getting them again and repainting them both a matte black and a metalic silver for the webbs and eyes , plus im adding some minor paint details to venoms mouth.
but for now im going to be contenpt with their colors.
hawkeye - Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I got the Lizard and besides the scale it was awesome. The sculpt on the ones I saw were good but the articulation on most was subpar. Too bad
Mcdurg - Wednesday, March 28, 2007
You are so right. They are short. About an inch shorter. I got the venom and he was way to small. But great review!
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, March 25, 2007
Bastards and their curve-balls...
Yay Stickers!

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