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Spider-Woman Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 15 - Modok Series
Great hair, a rockin' body, and bio-electric blasts, what's not to love about Jessica Drew? Her hands! Those awful hideous hands! Aaaaahhhh!!!

Spider-Woman stands 6 inches tall (a little taller if you count the hair), a huge improvement over the first short Psylocke body. And it's a good thing they didn't just re-use the Psylocke head with different hair because this new head is a nice sculpt. The black lines are sculpted on, not just painted (on the mask, the ones on the body are just painted). The black hair is flexible, and mercifully, doesn't have any ugly blue highlights. The body is cast in red plastic with all the flat-yellow and black painted-on. The paint is pretty good, it chips at the joints though because they used yellow paint to cover the red rods in the ankles and wrists. Why not just use yellow rods?...there are flexible spider-webs attached to the underarms, which look okay, but the problem with them is that they limit arm movement. They should have been made removable (like with an elastic band, something like the Sentinel Series Spider-Man). Also, the webs split the chest at the seams sometimes, causing it to pop-off the main body. At best, the upper-body will be loose, at worst, it cracks entirely and you'll need to do some repairs. But even this problem pales in comparison to the man-hands poor Jessica Drew was given. They're too large, grotesque even. I'm telling you, those toy companies love to screw with us and see what they can get away with before we storm their gates and steal their fancy pants with all the hidden pockets.

Jessie has most standard ML articulation, she's only missing the swivel in the gloves (forearms can't turn). The sculptors couldn't glue-in the spider-webs and be able to fit a peg in the forearm at the same time, so it was lost. It's a shame, but you can fix it pretty easily, just check out the tutorials here on Figure Realm! The upper-body can tilt around but is a little loose. Most (All? Maybe my joints were just loose) of the hinges are click-joints and she has a hole in her back to use with a flight-stand.

Spider-Woman is a nifty figure, definitely one of the better female sculpts, it's just those hands that are awful...Ms. Drew is packaged along with the first issue of "Spider-Woman", MODOK's big ugly head, and a super-cool backdrop with SHIELD agents G.W. Bridge and Dum Dum Dugan in it.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Tom-Tom - Thursday, March 29, 2007
It doesnt cost even a doller. If they had to, they could use a butter knife and screws.
Shinobitron - Tuesday, March 27, 2007
It not a horrible figure and they got the character lppoking right but like you said if I was a kid wanting to play with it I can see some frustration building. But that don''t matter to me cuase shes gonna be so much fodder!
Dr Nightmare - Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Sure, maybe, and also because the required peg won''t fit into the figure''s arm with those webs attached. The webs are glued on but they have little tabs that go into the figure''s body, the tab is deep enough in the arm to prevent a peg from being put in there to make the glove swivel. I mean, I''m pretty sure they could fit a peg in there if they wanted to, they could even have made the peg pop into the yellow part of the forearm instead of the red, but they just didn''t feel like going the extra mile I guess (how much more does it cost to add a swivel?). And I wouldn''t even care so much if it weren''t for those hands...
Tom-Tom - Monday, March 26, 2007
the reason she is missing the glove swivel is they had to cut costs to keep the prices the same.

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