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Spider-Carnage Review

Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Venom - Along Came a Spider
Wow, just, where to start with this...oh, I know, this thing is awesome!! If you are a fan of any kind of Spiderman, then you will definitely know who Spider-Carnage is. It is the result of the Carnage symbiote merging with our unfortunate hero, Spiderman!!

When I first heard from a friend that a Spider-Carnage figure was at Toys R Us, I almost forgot to breathe!! I flew down to the store only to find them sold-out...3 YEARS AGO. It turns out my friend was just yanking my chain. So after I throttled him with the said chain, I looked online to find one. After hours of searching, I found places that sold Spider-Carnage for as much as 80 dollars!! No way!! So I had to resort to Ebay...40 dollars is still too much to pay. Someone was selling a toy lot. I figured i needed a few extra parts to make some customs so I spent 15 dollars for around 30 figures. All good stuff. When I got the parcel package a week later, I started rummaging through the bodies and got poked by the claws of something. You will never guess what it was a Sailor Moon doll!! No, I'm kidding, it was Spider-Carnage of course!! Sweet bliss!!

This thing is the sickest looking creature I have ever seen!! I thought I was making too big of a deal out of it and that I would be disappointed when I got a closer look, but no!! Spider-Carnage is perfection!! It wasn't the puny little ball it appeared to be.

Once unfurled, Spider-Carnage was taller than my unmasked Venom!! It is in perfect scale with all of the Spiderman figures from the animated series. It has 5 claws on each hand and those slashers are about an inch long each!! Everything about this figure is detailed. I dont know what I like most about it. It might be the fact that the spiderweb design on it is ENGRAVED on it and not cheaply painted on. Maybe I like the exquisitely detailed rows of spine-dagger teeth that adorn its powerful jaws. Or could it be the satin finish of the black painted areas and the crystal blood-red veins coursing through its body?, I think I love Spider-Carnage the most because it is the only figure to ever give me nightmares...

-=Final Points=-
The only flaw I can find on Spider-Carnage is that if you keep it on display, away from the light, it tends to look completely black because of the dark-blood color of the crystal parts. On the plus side, it looks like a shadow, as stealthy as a spider, staring at you with its haunting white eyes...

This figure is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine. Wether it be because of its ferociously insane nature, or because you know that it took SEVEN Spidermen from different times and dimensions to put an end to its apocalyptic plans for Earth.

I display Spider-Carnage battling the Spidermen it despises. There is just something horribly appealing about seeing Scarlet Spider and the Armor Spiderman get torn to shreads by this nightmare creature...maybe someday I'll recreate the scenes from this epic battle...

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Collector1 - Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Crusing the net for comic picks of Spider-Carnage, because I''m bored, I found this ancient review. The chances of you getting SC like that are truly one in a million! Congradtulations, you are either a lier, or the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
Anyway, being the level of pickyness I am, I am forced to tell you that Spider-Carnage first appeared in the comics after the Carnage Symbiot left Cassady and bonded with the Spider-Man at the time, Ben Reilly, thusly why his costume looks that way it does.
Eventually, after a long internal battle with the murderous impulses directed at the then powerless Peter Parker, Ben was able to remove the symbiot. The makers of the (don''t say it, don''t say it, don''t say it) spectacular (BLAST!) animated series later adapted Spider-Carnage for the animated series with a greatly altered backstory. Still, it was better then the comics.
"I really, really, really clones!"

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