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Meatwad / Master Shake / Frylock / Quadlaser (Comic Con) Review

Meatwad / Master Shake / Frylock / Quadlaser (Comic Con)
Adult Swim (Palisades) - Exclusives
I have been an avid ATHF fan since it very first came out on cartoon network with the baffler meal episode on space ghost. I have always wanted some ATHF action figures (or inaction PVC and just didn't know they existed. UNTILL today. I got the SDCC 2005 Exclusive boxset, made by Palasades Toys, at Hot Topic today when returning my Zombie Spider-Man shirt 9thats another It came with Meatwad, frylock, Master Shake and Ignignok and Err as the Quad Laser. Today I'm going to review MEATWAD.

In the world of PVC figures this little guy is TOPS! The Wad stands at about 2x2 inches but is nice and solid and pretty heavy for a little piece. his general sculpt is flawless in my eyes and his paint aps are too. He was cast in his solid brown color so thats a plus as well.

My only gripe about him is that he is out of scale with his companions. and when I leave him in the box he is hidden behind part of the box.

But like I started, in the PVC world I give meat man 5 out of 5.

      by Kyle Robinson   Update Review

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hawkeye - Saturday, March 31, 2007

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