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Parasite Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 5
All I know about the Parasite is what I saw in the "Superman: TAS" cartoons, which isn't much now that I think about it. So I was surprised to see this Parasite figure on the store-pegs, looking like a big purple deep-sea monster or like Caliban from the X-Men.

Parasite is 6.5 inches of ugly. He's built with hulking muscle and held together with thin white straps, assuming those are actually straps on his body and not just very painful tattoos. He's about 6.25 inches when he's hunched-over, which is how you're supposed to pose him because his head doesn't move up and down, it only turns side-to-side and tilts around ever-so-slightly. It's not that the designers got lazy and didn't articulate his head, it's just that Parasite's character-design has a really thick neck so head-movement is very limited, even with a ball-socket joint. There are three black-nailed fingers and a thumb on each hand and two thick toes on each foot. The skin-detail is amazing, with stretches and wrinkles in appropriate places, especially on the face. The shading on this guy is phenomenal! Every nook and cranny has the right amount of shading and every raised area has a high-lighted effect because of it. But of course, because you can't have the best of both worlds, the flat-white parts have a HORRIBLE paint-job. Aside from the yellowish eyes and sharp shark-like teeth, the white areas are the only other painted parts on this figure. It's like a complete novice tried to paint this figure! There are brush-strokes and thin and blothchy areas everywhere on the white paint, especially the crotch.

Barney- I mean, Parasite has a satisfactory amount of articulation. The head-movement is understandably limited, but everything else works just fine, even the forearms can turn! It's annoying that he can't turn at the calves or that the ankles don't rock side-to-side (because it makes some poses hard to pull-off) but he's good for the most part. The midsection-hinge is very welcome.

There's no comic in the package to compare the figure to the drawings, instead you get a super-neat cardboard backdrop of the exploding emerald, Krypton (which is wierd because what does Parasite have to do with Krypton? A nice background with Superman clutching his chest in agony would have been far more appropriate!).

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, March 31, 2007
The upperbody has the shape of a tick, should probably have mentioned that
And the paint might just have been bad on this figure, it was the only one on the pegs at Target so I couldn''t look around for better jobs.
hawkeye - Saturday, March 31, 2007
I looks good, I may pick one up if I see it

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