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Darkseid Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 4
After thinking a better Darkseid than the Total Justice version couldn't be made, I was proven horribly worng. The DCSH version is a tremendous improvement. Best of all, no useless action features!

The omnipotent ruler of Apokalips towers over his subjects at 7 inches tall. This is a large imposing figure, as it should be. Like all the DCSH figures, paint is minimal since most of the plastic is cast in the correct color to begin with (like the grey skin and blue suit) and it looks great. If you're going to give this figure to a kid to beat on, the chance of paint chipping is almost nil! The only parts painted are the face + red eyes, the thin black line-detail on the suit, and MAYBE the belt because I suspect the plastic was cast like that. It's silvery-blue (like blue paint with some silver in it, not chrome) and is a nice contrast to the militaristic drabness of the rest of the figure. The body-sculpt is impressive and accurate, I especially like how natural the arms' swivel-joints look and how well-hidden most of the joints are. The detail on the skirt and on the soles of the boots are also nice touches. The skin has well-defined rocky-cracks but they aren't that visible because the skin isn't shaded. A good wash of black would bring out all the skin-detail. The left hand is in a massive fist while the right hands is designed to hold a Mother-Box! It comes tied to his hand with a rubber-band, but it is easily removable. Putting the MB back in his hand however is an ordeal. I still haven't figured out how to get it to fit correctly in Darkseid's hand without tearing-off a finger. Pay attention to how the MB is placed before you remove it! The face is sour, think of it like an angry sad face.

Darkseid has the expected articulation, but the legs are a problem; they can't move! I mean, they ARE designed to be poseable since they connect to the body with swivel-hinges (like Supergirl's legs), but they are severely limited by the skirt! ( Supergirl's!) The legs can move enough to stand him properly but don't expect to put him in any hi-jump-kick poses any time soon. Also, the head doesn't move much, despite being an almighty ball-socket joint. A swivel-hinge would have worked better here...well, maybe. The arms have a similar problem where they can't stick out straight to the sides. I've never seen Darkseid do this before but you never know when you might want to pose them that way!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, July 30, 2007
Exactly! The mother-box remote thing comes pre-packaged in his hand, tied with a little rubberband, and it comes out easily, but just TRY putting that sucker back in there without ripping a few fingers!
Tom-Tom - Sunday, July 29, 2007
i picked him up yeaterday. he''s really fun, even though he cant hold his remote.

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