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T-800 Endoskeleton Review

T-800 Endoskeleton
Cult Classics (Neca) - Series 3
I have watched the terminator movies ever since I was young. My favorite part was the future war scenes. I loved the flash of plasma rifles the rolling treads of the HK crushing the skulls and the humming sound of the flying HK. But my favorite was the endoskeletons. 6’2 tall of solid metal with a morbid metallic grin that could send chills down your spine. The endoskeleton *is* what the terminator movies are about in my opinion. Don’t forget underneath Arnold there was a model 101 chassis. I was extremely excited when I herd NECA was producing an endoskeleton figure. The endoskeleton weighs is at 6 inches tall. Right out of the package it looks awesome. The sculpt is impressive and the paint job is wonderful. But what really stands out is the articulation. This figure boasts a whopping 28 points articulation. That’s early marvel legends type of articulation. It comes with a base. The base is one of the best parts of the figure. The base is form the future war scene and is covered in skulls and a ruined trike. The figure just looks so cool on top of it. I do have one complaint about this figure. The plasma rifle it comes with doesn’t fit into its hand too well. It’s way too loose. You sort of have to put one of his fingers through the trigger to hold it. But that is just me nit picking. This figure is totally amazing. I highly recommend people buying this figure!

      by CplHicks   Update Review

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