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Wolverine Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Icons - Series 1
I didn't actually buy this figure, my brother did and he wanted me to give him metal claws. That packaging is very good. It holds up well and is just easy enough to get in to. He's held in with twist ties which is strange from Hasbro as they seem to like to use those little clear rubber bands.

Okay, enough about packaging, onto the figure. Wolverine comes in scale to the rest of the Icons. They decided to give him his brown and yellow suit, but instead of it actually being his classic suit, it is his current day Astonishing X-Men suit done brown and yellow. And I must say I like it a lot. His paint is applied fairly well. The dark shade of yellow is very nice. There are areas like around the glove cuffs and around the black on his mask where I needed to go back and smooth out some lines, but not too bad. I must say that his arm hair looks kind of stupid. And the figure I saw had a flaw in his chin which gave him this HUGE dent (I fixed that). Another paint issue was his face. They gave him a brown base coat and made his LIPS BROWN! A big paint problem is his arms. They airbrushed a brown color over the hair and didn't turn the joint so it looks like he has a farmer's tan line on his bicep.

Now to articulation. He has articulation in all the right places. Neck ball on pivot joint, shoulders and hips on twists and balls, both elbows and knees have double joints, ankles twist at boot joint, foot joints and toe joints, his hands twist right after the palm on double joints and his right hand has individual joints (including his thumb!) and the left hand fingers are jointed together and thumb has a joint. I would have like another joint at the glove cuff like on the boots.

      by VariablePenguin   Update Review

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