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Spider-Man (Super Articulated) Review

Spider-Man (Super Articulated)
Spider-Man 3 - Movie (Hasbro)
First off this figure is small!!!
It only stands at 5".
It’s not the most articulated figure in the world (despite what it says on the box).
His head can move around 360, but not up and down.
His right hand is in the shape of him shooting web and it doesn’t move back. His let hand is in the shape of hanging on the web (ill get to that in a min).
The weird thing is that his wrists (the part where his gloves end) don’t move at all, as this is one lump off plastic. His elbow moves and shoulders. These r fully posable.
His top half can be swivelled 360.
His legs kick out to the sides and his knees bend too.
Also u can bend his arms above his head and make him hold his webline and swing along. (For the webline you need to use your imagination).

Now on to the "wall-hanging web". This is great. It sticks to glass and "some walls"
E.g. Window, TV screen, mirrors and sometimes wood.
The web has four suctions cups and is made from stretchy plastic. This means with a bit of posing and time you could have spidey sitting on his web. This looks very cool.

The painting on this figure is great.
The web on his costume is super and the spider on the front and back is amazing.

I rate this figure 4 out of 5 stars.

It’s a very good buy.

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