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Ghost Rider (Fire Blast) Review

Ghost Rider (Fire Blast)
Ghost Rider - Movie (Hasbro) - Series 1
Having trouble finding the original Marvel Legends Ghost Rider? Look no further! Get one of the GRs from the new movie figures instead. The ML GR was supposedly too small anyway, but these movie figures are 6 inches and look great! They're 9-10 dollars each though, so you might want to wait for a sale...

Nick stands about 6.12 inches to the top of his cranium and 7 inches to the top of the translucent orange flame on his head. It transitions pretty well onto the skull and there is a smaller 2-tone flame on the front of the jacket's collar. The skull itself is highly-detailed, a pale bone-color, with black eye-sockets and red/yellow eyes, and a moveable jaw! (although the jaw is a bit limited by the small flame and the skull looks a little over-shaded) The neck is something special too because it's sculpted to look like a spine! GR looks tall but not too lanky and the entire suit is ashy-black, as if a tiny little bit of silver was mixed into the black plastic when it was molded. The detail is amazing; there are zippers and buckles and seams and scars all over and the wrinkles and folds make it look like a real suit. The feet look a little big to me but maybe that's just because they're pointed. The gloves look great, not too bulky. All the silver spikes on GR are rounded off and flexible.

Almost all the joints are tight, no problems straight out of the package. The fingers all move independently and he has a mid-section hinge too. The neck is a ball-joint so there is a full range of movement there. The hips bothered me at first because the little swivel-hinge ball connecting the legs is really small (compared to what I'm used to) but they look alright after a while. I like the knee-joints on this figure, they are still double-hinged but the top hinge also swivels! It's unnecessary but it's still pretty cool. The feet are like Professor X's from the Marvel Legends line, they have all standard articulation and can also turn side-to-side, although the right foot's movement is a little limited due to the pants.

GR comes along with an ergonomically-designed fire-blasting skeleton shotgun-thing which I have no idea how he's supposed to hold, or even if it's something he ever used in the comics or movie at all. It is pretty cool though! It launches two opaque "fire-pillars" fairly far, and there are two bright red LEDs in the shotgun's skull's eyes that light-up when you press the button to fire the pillars. If you hold the buttons down, the LEDs stay lit up!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Saturday, May 12, 2007
I saw this in the store and was meh, I thought it was kinda cheap looking

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