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Quicksilver Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Blob Series
I really hate that there isn't more to say about these new ML figures, but they're just so bland. And while I'm complaining, the pictures on the package show a DARK BLUE suit, the actual figure is LIGHT BLUE. What the hell, Hasbro?

Pietro stands about 6 inches tall and the head looks pretty good! It resembles a young Magneto, evily handsome. He has an intense look in the eyes and has two hair "flares" (almost like wolverine) but smaller and rounded-off so kids don't poke an eye out. As Hasbro has decreed, this fig has minimal paint. Only the eyes and brows, hair, and white lightning bolts are painted. The lightning is sharp and crisp, but I'm sure someone had to have botched a job somewhere, inspect before you buy. The basic body is a Captain Marvel with different hands; they are, appropriately, in a running position, kinda flaring. The plastic this figure is made of isn't all super-shiny, it has a semi-matte-finish to reduce glare and to help get rid of the "cheap plasticy look" many Marvel Legends fans have complained about. There is no shading whatsoever.

The articulation is what you'd expect from a Captain Marvel body, standard, including the pivoting shoulder-sleeves. The vital hinges are, mercifully, click-joints. All joints are tight, except for the mid-section-hinge. Why is it that no one can find a way to NOT make it wobbly?

Quicksilver, like all his fellow HML Series 2 figures, is hard to find. Don't go to KB Toys to buy these, they sell them for 12-13 bucks each, ouch. Silverquick is packaged along with Blob's left arm.

How many Flash customs do you think will made from our pal, Quicksilver here? :P

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Friday, May 11, 2007
I cant wait to get QS, hes top on my list. They havent showed up here yet tho.

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