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Jean Grey (X3) Review

Jean Grey (X3)
Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Blob Series
Yessss! Finally a Jean Grey! I mean, finally another Jean! Too bad she has Emma-syndrome...

Famke stands about 5.75 inches tall, in-scale with the other X-Men movie figures (I assume!). Like all women, Jean is pretty in a certain light, and hideous in another. The face is okay, it resembles the actress, but she really does look hung-over, as I've heard a thousand-fold before I got this chance to actually hold her in my hands, it's all in the eyes. Only the eyes, lips, and buckles on the suit are painted. I love the hair though (definite custom fodder!). The suit's design I also like, the boots look great, but the upper-body was botched. The figure's sleekness is ruined by the articulation. The waist is fine but the upper-body turns and tilts forward and back just under the breasts, ruining the breasts' shape by adding an ugly gap. The hair helps cover this area, but we know it's there. I liked the original photo released, this fig is modeled after the second one. It looks like a LOTR figure, which isn't a bad thing, but that style doesn't match well with Marvel Legends figures. The hands are in nifty poses. The word "the" is over-used. I hate to say it, but Jean looks bland. No shading at all.

Ack, the articulation is acceptable. The elbows don't bend all the way because they're single-hinged, they bend 90-degrees at max. The knees are still double-hinged though, but there is no swivel (I think some people call them cut-joints) in the calves so posing is difficult sometimes. The wrists are swiveled and hinged, just like the elbows. The arms don't turn, but the elbow-swivel makes-up for that. The shoulders are still normal swivel-hinges (or butterfly-joints, as some Scots and Canadies like to call them). The fingers and toes don't move but the ankles are still hinged. The head-movement is limited a bit by the hair, but the hair is worth this minor inconvenience.

It's Jean, but I don't recommend spending 10 bucks on her. But if Blob's right arm is worth it to you, then go right ahead!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Saturday, May 12, 2007
I think Im going to try to get the arm thru trade. Jean is supposto be beautiful, not looking like she drank all night.

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