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She-Hulk Review

Marvel Legends (Hasbro) - Blob Series
So, she's gorgeous AND she can cook? Sweet! What?...what do you mean she's green?...

YES. That's it, best figure ever made...almost. 7 inches of HOT, and a little taller if you count her hair...HOT. But seriously, this is a great figure, maybe even the best of the bunch, but I haven't seen the Thor, Juggernaut, or Xorn yet to decide. The detail on the suit and shoes is perfect, the paint job is flawless, and she's also pretty to boot. The suit is painted with dirty-white (slighty dark white) and metallic-lavender, complimented with stitches and seams and wrinkles and a great pair of legs. There's really no major flaw in this figure, the body-sculpt is awesome, the scale perfect (I think, I've never read a She-Hulk comic!), and she's got a great smile! The green eyes and painted lips are neatly done. The hands are in a "ready" or "catching" position. If you put her arms up, the hands look like they're carrying something large, perhaps KB Toys's wallet after bleeding us for 13 bucks per figure. As someone pointed out to me, it's odd that she doesn't have a fisted hand. She's a Hulk character, shouldn't she be able to punch things? If Hasbro is going make the hand so static then we should at least get inter-changeable hands in the package, like SOTA's Street Fighter figures.

No problems with articulation, she's been able to stand in any pose so far. But once the ankles get loose...No, the waist isn't swiveled, done to perserve sleekness. The mid-section hinge is a click-joint, it can hold her weight well. The elbows do NOT bend all the way, she can't touch her chest (may sound wierd that I know that but that's just one of the tests I conduct, hah) and the arms don't turn, but the elbows can, solving this problem; the shoulders are normal. The fingers and toes don't move, but I'm not sure yet if I want to complain or not. Hinged-toes would be useless due to the size and weight of the figure and hinged fingers would ruin the natural look. The feet are hinged AND they turn! (just like the elbows and wrists, it's the same type of joint and looks decently natural), but they don't rock side-to-side, this will be a problem in the future for me I'm sure. The hair limits head-movement, but I think she looks better with big obstructive hair than no hair at all.

She-Hulk is the only figure actually worth the money you'll plop down for Hasbro's Marvel Legends (maybe Thor too). She also comes packaged along with The Upper Torso of Exodia...uh, the upper torso of Blob. But really, with how hard these darn things are to find in stores, you might as well be trying to assemble the fat wrinkly parts of an ancient Egyptian god.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Shinobitron - Saturday, May 12, 2007
Yet shes as white as Weird Al Yankovich. The joints that they have been using lately are just copied Sigma 6 joints. In some cases it works out OK but thay can be slightly tedious to get them in the poses you want.
I agree though that theses guys need to come with multiple hands. It looks like all the figure in Hasbros wave are in a homecoming parade and waving hi.
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, May 12, 2007
What loss of articulation!? It''s the exact same joint most ML figures have @_@!? But like Maelstrom said though, you have to position the joints correctly xP (although I''ve had this problem with older ML figs)
And yarrr She does look like a black lady (the face) painted green, isn''t She-Hulk a white lady?
Unknown User - Friday, May 11, 2007
I was just thinking she looks like a black chick trying to be Mrs Green Giant - "Ho, ho, ho, eat yo mutha-#*%>in'' greens."
I must say that I think the loss of articulation in the hips to make a much more appealing womanly figure is a good move on Hasbros part.
Dr Nightmare - Thursday, May 3, 2007
Thanks for the input folks
I got a X3 Juggernaut in the Mail today, review is imminent...
Unknown User - Thursday, May 3, 2007
But thats what God in his infinite wisdom made us customisers for Mael
I like the look of her - but wouldve liked a little chunkier mucles on the calves, thighs and arms - even on muscular women this is their best featureif done correctly
A recent Wonderwoman I seen from DC direct had better thighs than this
But saying that this looks like a Gamma irradiated 70s Tina Turner to me - so i can dig it
Maelstrom - Thursday, May 3, 2007
Great and acurate review, there were a couple of things about this Shulkie that I was a little disappointed in though: the lack of a shoulder/bicep articulation and the way the hip joints were articulated. Hasbro could take some notes from Jakks Pacific on how to articulate hips. True, you can just about move her into any pose, but you have to make sure that the ball joints are turned the right way. Yes, the elbow joints kind of solve the lack of shoulder/bicep joint, but this figure would have been so much more awesome with the added articulation! Oh, Yeah, I''m not too fond of the "Barbie" hands either. Like you said, an extra closed fist/s would have been a great accessory for this figure. Overall, a great, sexy, Shulkie, and this is the first female face that Hasbro has done in this series that did not look like some kind of butt-ugly alien or something. Like Dr. Nightmare, I think Shulkie and Thor are the only ones worth getting. Sadly, Thor is the only one I have not been able to find.

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