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Balrog Review

Lord of the Rings (Neca) - Epic Scale
I waited and waited for this one. I pre-paid more than a year prior to its release. When I finally got it, I had mixed feelings. It looks absolutely wonderful, and the size is staggering. The scale is perfect for the ToyBiz 6" figures, and this giant looks very good displayed with all my orcs and uruk-hai surrounding it. On the down side, is the light effects. When you push the hidden button, the fire-mane flashes on and off about six times. It would have been so much more dramatic if they could find a way to make the light 'fade' on, brighter and brighter, stay on for about ten seconds, and fade off again. The flashing looks silly, so I never use it. Also, (and this is important) is the fact that there is NO light in the eyes, nostrils and mouth. This would have looked absolutely amazing if they had included that feature. The flaming sword could be better too. It looks fine, but they should have made a lighting effect for it too. After all, the item costs about a hundred bucks, so... A transluescent sword with light would have been possible. I understand that lighting the whip would be nearly impossible, so that's ok. If I could modify the Balrog so it had lights in the eyes, nose and mouth, I surely would. But, the head is attached so tightly I'm not sure how I would do it, or if it's even possible. Now about the pose; I like it, but I would have liked it even better if they had positioned the head looking straight forward, instead of permanently looking to the left. That way, you could turn the head either way, and it would shift the balrog's focus in that direction. But as it is, the whole upper torso and neck are turned to the left, and there's no changing that. The detail and texture are wonderful. The wings, legs, arms... it all looks perfect. If it had lights in the eyes nose and mouth, I would give it a perfect 5. But it doesn't.

      by anthrapoid   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Monday, May 7, 2007
I wanted one of these so bad but then I saw the price.

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