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Mongul Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 5
I love how all the DCSH figures have their own original sculpt. Each figure isn't just a recast and repainted version of an older figure in the line. Darkseid and Steel were fantastic, and Mongul is no exception.

The unjolly pink giant stands in at about 7.2 inches of raw, un-matched brawns. This guy looks ridiculously powerful, even with the lavender and pastel-colored clothes. Instead of the bland suit-design Mongul has in the comics, this figure was given a more realistic design, and the detail is phenomenal! Rivets, cables, grooves, armored plating, the works. The paint-job is super-smooth, and even all the little metallic rivets are individually painted (although some of them are a little blotchy, but not very noticeable). The large clunky boots are metallic lavender, so are many of the rivets on his body. The belt is flexible (like Steel's) so it doesn't interfere with movement. Both four-fingered hands are in fists and the face has a really, REALLY ticked-off expression, like a valley-girl after having to settle for The Cocoa Bean, instead of Starbucks, and being given the wrong flavor mocha-latte with NO sprinkles. Ferocious. The eyes are red with black-outlines and face is a tad over-shaded, but this detail will vary from figure to figure. Also, I got this figure loose, so I don't know if it came with a Black Mercy in the package, that would be cool if he did though, especially if it had poseable legs!

For a figure this size, Mongul has great articulation. Every major joint you can think of moves, including the mid-section, thighs, and rocking-ankles. The head moves all around (ball-socket) but it can't face up due to the neck's thickness.

And as a side-note: Notice all the purple figures? Mongul, Parasite, Bizarro, any chance we'll be getting a Lois Lane soon?

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Friday, May 25, 2007
Dr Nightmare - Friday, May 25, 2007
Yar, sorry about the blandness of the review, my comic-history is rusty...I''ll get some pictures up.

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