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Ibuki Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 4
As we all know, no fighting game is complete without a few ninjas thrown into the character line-up. It's like trying to eat cheesecake without eating the cheese. It's possible, but it's time consuming and troublesome, and then you get the hoards of angry teenagers screaming "where's the cheese in my cheesecake!? Where's the goddamn cheese!?" And we don't want that, now do we?

Ibuki stands at 6 inches of drab-tan ninjaness (and for a ninja, that's a good thing). The detail overall is great, of course, especially the way the baggy pants are sculpted, even the fingers and toes aren't over-looked (although the toes are a slightly different flesh-tone that the rest of the body, they're more ashy). The hair-bangs and tails are flexible, there are also small flicks of hair sticking-out from under the bandana on her head. Accessories include: two different brown "masks" (one like a bandana around her neck and the other can cover her mouth), two extra pairs of hands! (fist set, holding-positon set, and "touch of death" set), a freaky raccoon animal (non-poseable), and a shuriken! There's no extra head, but it still pops-off to switch between the different masks. The irises are wierd, they're all black with two white dots of "reflection" (are they supposed to be a metaphor? Heh...). And praise be for SOTA and the wonderful sculptors in their employ, the pelvic-area on all their female figures looks fantastic.

The articulation is perfect on this figure, none of the joints look awkward and they all move smoothly. Despite the pants being so bulky, the knees can still bend all the way! The feet are articulated too so Ibuki has a wide range of stances to choose from. The alternate hands add tremendously to the cool factor, they make poses look more natural.

And of course, there are some color variations of Ibuki figures, like all Street Fighter figs. Some colors are rarer than others, but really, the way people are hoarding and ridiculously-pricing these SF figs, you'll be lucky if you can even find a pink Ken.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, June 16, 2007
It is, they use to sell SF figs, so did Game Stop, you coul donly get exclusive colors from certain retailers, like Nazi Cammy.
Punstarr - Saturday, June 16, 2007
I thought Suncoast was a video store...
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, June 16, 2007
I went into a Suncoast a few months ago, asked if they had any Street Fighter figures left...the dude at the counter had a Bison as a paperweight...I hate that guy...
Unknown User - Saturday, June 16, 2007
I had a chance to buy this figure at Suncoast but passed due to the price, and now I regret it. I may buy one online someday.
Unknown User - Thursday, June 14, 2007
And what is the Crazy price?
I''d definitely want to pick up a few to use as mr and mrs Deadeye Samurai
shes a very cool ninja chick , this figure - but I dont dig her big hobbit feet -
I think a swap out with the beautifully sculpted feet of an LOTR Arwen or a Hush poison Ivy may be in order
Kern - Thursday, June 14, 2007
Y''know, I''ve been wanting to make a female Djinn figure for a while. Might have to invest in one so I can steal her pants.
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Definitely worth the crazy price you''ll have to pay for her The hands are worth the price too, 3 female pairs of hands is awesome for custom fodder.
Kyle Robinson - Wednesday, June 13, 2007
she sure is a cool looking fig, might have to pick one up. A+ reveiw doc

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