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Gouken (Final Battle) (Toyrocket) Review

Gouken (Final Battle) (Toyrocket)
Street Fighter (SOTA) - Exclusives
Ever buy an entire action figure series because you loved the game it was based on? Must be one hell of a game, like the Street Fighter series. And considering how darn expensive these figures are now, you've got to have a LOT of love to throw around...

Ol' Gouken ("Old G" as young Ryu and Akuma liked to call him) stands in at 6.5 inches of bulging, burlap-wrapped muscle. I don't know how old he's supposed to be but he looks about 50. Amazing sculpting all-around on this fig; wrinkles, scars, muscleature, clothes, toes, crazy eyebrows, everything, WOW. There are a few different variations of this figure, with the constant being that they don't come with an extra head or hands! (both hands are in fists). I have the "Final Battle" variant; the head has a calm facial expression and the body has random "scortch-marks" (which aren't that great, they're just dark-purple blotches). I got this one because I like the face more than the "Battle Scream" version (whose body doesn't have the "scortches"). Gouken's vest is flexible (it is loose on his body, and could have been made removable, but you're going to have to slpit it at a seam to remove it without damage) and comes packaged along with a sweet translucent fire-punch "effect piece" (can be "snapped-on" to the right fist for flaming upper-cuts) and that sacred "balls-on-a-rope" necklace (you can almost hear the fan-boys screams of wrath, can't you? Heh). With a little bit of effort, the necklace is removable (but don't go yelling at me when you snap the string the balls are tied with!).

Articulation is fine, good enough for great poses. The knees are double-hinged while the elbows are single-hinged (due to the thickness of the arms), nearly all other joints have standard movement. The waist can swivel and he even has a well-hidden mid-section hinge. The feet can be posed well (for better footing), but I still don't like how these SF figs have a swivel in the MIDDLE of the foot, instead of of simply making the ankles rock back-and-forth a little. The wrists can turn and are also hinged. The head is on a ball-joint, meaning it can face in all directions, but do this you have to remove the necklace.

Like all the other SF figures from SOTA, they are unnecessarily expensive and hard-to-find. A case can be made that the hassle is worth getting them, but you'd better have deep pockets, or at least rich grandparents with a constant need to one-up your parents to get these figures.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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