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Ken Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 2
Normally, I hate guys named Ken, but Street Fighter's Ken is an exception. I mean, how can you hate a fictional character right? It's okay to hate Mario though, he keeps wrecking Bowser's awesome castles, and I'm sure those things must have cost a fortune, what with all the secret passageways and statues that shoot lasers out of their eyes, freaking Mario.

D'ya Ken seas a beag over 6 inches. Sorry, I've been watching too much Highlander...Ken stands a little bit over 6 inches, about 6.1. If you haven't heard it already, SOTA's Street Fighter toys are fantabulous, unrivaled in detail and accuracy. Ken's suit (I know, it's called a "Gi". Look, I have the toy and you don't so just shaddap and listen, alright?) has smooth sleeves (as opposed to Ryu's ripped sleeves) and is cast in red plastic so there are no worries of paint chipping. It's even shaded so it doesn't look bland and has stitching, folds, and seam-detail. The "shirt" and black sash are flexible so they don't impede any articulation. The musculature is good for the most part, there are 4 grooves near the neck/chest that look more like pits or deep scars though. Ken must be tough to live through those things, ouch! Also, I understand the male SF characters have big feet and hands in the game, but seeing them in plastic, they look almost grotesque! Almost, but not odd enough to keep me fom buying them! Ken comes with two hazel-eyed heads; one has short hair and a smirk like those guys on the Calvin Klein underwear commercials, the other is battle-enraged with long hair tied with a red ribbon. Ken also has 4 hands; two fists, right hand with thumb-up, and right-hand in "come here" positon. Also included is a clear-red "Dragon Punch" piece that fits snugly on the right fist. All the skin is painted with a natural matte-finish.

Kensworth (what is this guy's last name!?) has plenty of articulation for posing him in all the signature moves. Most standard articulation is there, including the waist and a mid-section hinge (but only single-hinged elbows), it's only missing at the calves (but is easily fixable with the tutorials on this site!).

I really can't give an accurate price-range for this fig, I get lucky and end up getting figs for a dollar, but seems like most Player One (original) colors are slightly more expensive than the variants. I've seen Red Ken for 5-13 dollars (U.S.), cheaper if loose.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Shinobitron - Sunday, August 26, 2007
Have no idea but I go step by step thru the Clone Wars and Street Fighting history verse, but still have no idea what went on during WW2 and Civil Wars!
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, August 26, 2007
Oooooooh, isn''t that nifty? Why is fictional history so much more interesting than non-fictional?
Shinobitron - Sunday, August 26, 2007
The best part of your reviews is they keep me laughing! Now to the serious stuff:
Kens last name is Masters and the reason he has 2 differnet looking heads is the long haired version is to look like he did in Street Fighter Alpha and the short hair version is from the Original Street Fighter 2. The hair tie is no longer on the short haired version since it is now across Ryus brow!
Unknown User - Saturday, August 25, 2007
Dr Nightmare - Friday, August 24, 2007
Lol, I was going to use his shirt for my TV Hercules custom but it''s too small...what ever shall I do with it?
Unknown User - Friday, August 24, 2007
I need that Ken!

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