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T.Hawk Review

Street Fighter (SOTA) - Round 2
T.Hawk is scary. Even when someone tells you the giant sour-faced monster is really a kind and friendly soul, he's still scary.

Hawk stands a hair under 8 inches, which is still heaps taller then the other SF figures. It's too tall, I know someone will argue this point, but I think 7.5 inches would look better. The other figs just look so puny next to him. The clothes are painted to look like denim (well done) and the shoes look like real wood. The detail is meticulous and fine. Belt buckle has an embossed hawk and the word "HAWK" on it, wrinkles on the fingers and clothes, flexible tassels on the jacket and boots, feathered eyebrows, finger-nails, golden arm-bands, the list goes on. I am shocked that there are no major paint-flaws on this figure, especially considering all the detail and that the fig is ENTIRELY painted. The face (only one head with this figure) has an expression of silent rage or calm meditation (and when you can't tell the difference, that's when you know you'd better run way from this guy). There are 2 sets of hands, straight-fingered (for the Thunder Strike attack) and fists (for the Bash Your Skull In attack). I wish he had a set of "gripping" hand so he could do the Storm Hammer attack, but he comes with a cool brown hawk (which looks more like an eagle) that can rest on his shoulders.

Most articulation is present, it's only missing at the calves, which seems like a wasted chance at more articulation (much like Ken) considering the tassels hide everything under there.

This fig is massive, bone-crushing muscles for sure, well worth the 10-15 dollar price tag. Like all SOTA Street Fighter toys, they are harder to find now and are usually sold at inflated prices.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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