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Super Patriot Review

Super Patriot
Legendary Comic Book Heroes (Marvel Toys) - Pitt Series
SuperPatriot is a character I'm only familiar with because of an issue of Youngblood I read where he fights Die Hard. This figure is very well done and accurate to the comic.

Run down:
Sculpting - Looks nice. Wires and mechanical parts all look great. His mask looks great, even has a spot at the back where is is tied together and bunches up.
Painting - This is one of the drawbacks. The metallic parts, although shaded a little bit, still look kind of flat. Especially his gun arm. His shirt while the right color, you can really see the brush strokes of the dry brushed lighter color. There is also some bleeding in the red stipes on his mask and pauldrons.
Articulation - The articulation is great. Like the stuff that came out in the Marvel Legends Sentinel series. Fingers move, double jointed elbows and knees, pauldrons on their own joint. Just great.
Packaging - Package actually looks really nice. Colorful, with great detail on a character I knew very little about. He was packed, however, in a manner that bent his gun arm considerably. I noticed all the others in the store had the same issue.

Great figure, has some paint issues in areas. His arm was also packaged in a way that it was bent. Very accurate with little draw backs.

      by VariablePenguin   Update Review

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